A Future Pro-Life Movement
Public Faith

Well said.

One thing I’ve long been curious about is that faith is generally much stronger in the US than Europe. Why? I expect it’s not an accident: for hundreds of years religion mixed with politics there and was mostly separated here. Religion and government make a dangerous mix, faith gets lost in the mix, and especially religions seem vulnerable, gets corrupted by politics, and the next generation is unimpressed with what they witness.

Today the continents have switched: religion is in American politics. We have a big, angry, partisan Pro-Life movement in the US, while Western Europe generally pays for abortion as part of health care. Somehow, they have choice and still have a lower abortion rate. And now young idealists are seeing religion and politicians who commit sexual assault still in bed together. Do you think millenials watching this will abandon religion the way it was abandoned in Western Europe?

Fighting and fighting and fighting doesn’t open up space in people’s hearts: the more force is used, the less space there is for faith. So far the statisticians agree that faith, even quiet faith, is the way: in places like Denmark no force prevents women from having abortions, yet fewer women choose it. Get religion out of politics or there will be nothing but politics left.

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