ALCEDO & Click Gem Partnership Announcement!

ALCEDO and Click Gem are proud to announce to have formed a strategic Partnership to „Drive the Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency“.

ALCEDO starts to implement their plans to support and cooperate with projects of solid and growing coummunities. ALCEDO decided to collaborate with the Click Gem team to strengthen its power and reach in Asia, and to help Click Gem become accessible worldwide.

We are confident that Click Gem will help us to focus effectively on the Asian market and to promote us in the local crypto community, while ALCEDO will help Click Gem to spread the word about Click Gem in Europe and the Western hemisphere in general.

This partnership opens the door for Click Gem to be included in all of ALCEDO‘s products, including ATMs, POS terminals and local exchanges. ALCEDO has in Click Gem a strong Far-East partner for the purpose of building strong local communities and facilitating entry into Asian market.

“We are very excited to start cooperation with such a big project. This is just another proof that ALCEDO is becoming a global project and these kinds of partnerships are exactly what our community expects from us. This means open doors for ALCEDO in Asia. Click Gem means credibility, strong community and big power. We are proud to become their partner” said Hermann Sanktjohanser, Co-Founder, Alcedo

About Cick Gem

The Click Gem project is a new groundbreaking and frictionless payment system. Our aim is creating a cross-border payment solution that solves all issues of current payment methods and will surpass all other payment systems, including PayPal, Visa, etc… It will help make purchases easier, simpler, instantly and with minimal costs.

We are the pioneers in developing a new payment gateway (paygate) which can support the pay-and-receive payment process with multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies, and we support exchanging currency instantly with the lowest exchange rates in the market and just a 0.1% transaction fee.

The ClickGem Project is designed as an open platform to facilitate the process of purchases by integrating and supporting transactions between most major fiat currencies and all cryptocurrencies through APIs. Minor fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies will be continually added in the future.

You can find more information about ClickGem at: