You often hear the term “mining” accompanying Bitcoin (BTC) or the names of other digital currencies. This brings up visions of traditional mining and people in overalls digging the ground for gold or silver. But in the case of mining for digital currencies, computers take the place of pickaxes. And ‘miners’ are people who set up high-powered computers and software so they can compete to solve large and complex maths problems in order to create or mint brand new coins.

With typical paper currency or fiat, the government decides when to print and distribute new money. With distributed Blockchain networks…

The National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association (NCFA) of Canada’s 5th annual Fintech & funding summer kickoff event was held at the Spaces building on Queen Street on July 11th. There were drinks, food and many great Fintech people all gathered on the rooftop in sunny downtown Toronto. As the live band played, many from emerging Blockchain, Fintech, and AI companies were networking, making business connections, and pitching ideas to investors and industry experts.

Digital currencies are part of an emerging new asset class, it is typical to expect price volatility in any new asset class particularly during its evolution to maturity. As we’ve seen very recently, bitcoin’s price is $9,000 one week, then climbs to $13,000 the following week. With a constantly fluctuating price, how do you avoid slips in value during the exchange process while buying a digital asset, or selling to cashing in on your profits and put back into your bank account?

What Is Slippage?

To put it simply, slippage is when the expected price for your trade turns out to be different…

Since emerging from relative obscurity, bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise, a subsequent collapse, and a recent re-emergence. This trajectory has been closely followed by countless altcoins. Through ongoing volatility, bitcoin continues to set the tone in the ecosystem while the adoption of crypto assets accelerates. According to a report released by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, there were 35 million verified crypto users at the end of 2018, a 94% increase over 2017.

The famous Collision conference came to Toronto, the host city for the first year of a three-year stint. The conference name bodes the kind of experience it was for the CoinChange team- valuable and fortuitous “collisions” happened everywhere! This includes connection collisions with talented founders and startup gurus, and amazing insight collisions thanks to keynote and speaker panels featuring global industry icons. Whether we were waiting in line, sitting in the audience, at dinners or networking events- tidbits of learning and inspiration were literally everywhere.

Collision was four jam-packed days, starting on Victoria Day, May 20th. Along with world-leading speakers…

The recent $40 million-dollar Binance hack sent a sombre message through the crypto-community, putting emphasis on the importance of security. Many holders are now questioning the safety of crypto wallets and exchanges.

Crypto wallets store public keys and enable users to monitor their balance as well as send/receive digital assets. A hot wallet or hot storage is always online and used if you want quick access to your digital assets. …

The first Toronto Blockchain week was a huge success and the CoinChange team was there as sponsors and keen participants. It took place on April 22nd to the 28th with 45+ events throughout the week including a major conference, award show, panel discussions, seminars, hackathon, parties and networking events.

CoinChange was one of the main sponsors of the entire week, as well as a sponsor of the Blockhack 2019 Hackathon at George Brown College. CoinChange’s own Linda Montgomery also spoke on the Capital Markets panel and Jacques Yaakoub spoke on the Community Panel sharing insights on expanding and developing the…


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