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Comments from CoinCorner co-founder and CEO, Danny Scott.

This morning, the Bank of England sent out a letter to the banking industry asking for feedback on whether they would have any operational or technical issues with a zero or negative interest rate. Negative interest rates are generally introduced to help stimulate the economy, by encouraging banks/companies to make loans and use of the money, rather than hoarding it.

This becomes interesting for Bitcoin as it’s already been dubbed a “safe haven asset” following this year’s global financial turmoil — Bitcoin has seen an increase of 173% since the March 12th crash to today’s price of $11,254. …

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Last week we released our first episode of “Britcoiners”, a new Bitcoin podcast brought to you by some of the team at CoinCorner — myself, Molly and Zakk.

Its aim is to share opinions from people actually working in the Bitcoin industry (aka on the front line!), covering news from the week and general Bitcoin topics.

Who is behind Britcoiners?

As the CEO and co-founder of CoinCorner, a 6-year-old Bitcoin exchange, I’m a software developer by trade with towards a decade of experience in the Bitcoin industry, including mining, running a leading exchange, dealing with regulators, banking issues, and Bitcoin Core contributions.

Molly is our marketing guru and has been leading CoinCorner’s marketing efforts for the last 5 years. Covering every aspect of marketing and SEO in this fast-paced industry with almost zero budget and constant industry-wide bans on where Bitcoin companies can advertise, thinking outside of the box has become second nature to her. …

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By now, a lot of people have heard of Bitcoin. It’s been running consistently for just over 11 years and has enjoyed it’s fair share of positive and negative media attention. …


Danny Scott

Co-Founder & CEO at CoinCorner

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