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So, you’ve finished up reading “The Bitcoin Standard”, bought some Bitcoin, avoided shitcoins and realised that Bitcoin is the only true form of decentralised peer-to-peer currency that they all promise. You’ve received your toxic Bitcoin maximalist badge and now all that is left to do is fend off trolls on Twitter and wait around for the moon.

But wait, you hear and read about these mysterious ‘Layer 2’ technologies which are built on top of Bitcoin…

Bitcoin has been…

It was the summer of 2015 and I had just graduated with a 1st class BSc Computer Science degree, 3 years of hard work and determination led to this point in my life. It was time to enter the world of work for my chosen career, software development. Nerves, excitement, anxiety, intimidation were just a few of the varying emotions going through my head during this time.

The summer started out well, job interviews came thick and fast, followed swiftly by several job offers. After much deliberation, I decided on joining a well-established bespoke software development company as a ‘Junior…

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With a boost of fresh caffeine at 1:30am I continued on my journey of creating a lightning network node on my Raspberry Pi. I currently had the Bitcoin daemon up and running on testnet, so all that was left to do was setting up the Lightning Network daemon and get it communicating with my node.

I ran through the usual tasks of downloading the daemon from Github and verifying the signatures, all went smoothly and I was quickly on to creating my lightning configuration file.

I used the default settings for…

Howdy! For those that don’t know me, my name is Zakk and I am a software developer at CoinCorner. I’ve been in the Bitcoin industry for nearly 2 whole years now and even though that sounds like I’m very new (which I am), I have still been around for about 20% of its lifespan!

Being a software developer in this industry means I look up to the many great minds that are helping shape the future of Bitcoin, from the Greek legend himself Andreas Antonopoulos to the many core developers like Gregory Maxwell and Pieter Wuille.

Back when Lightning Labs…

Zakk ⚡

bitcoin and pineapple enthusiast (

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