Another week’s update is here! Are you ready for a significant portion of news straight from CoinDeal’s headquarters? Let’s begin!

Cardano is the winner!

Another voting has just finished. We hope you remembered to cast your votes as the CDL Tokens will be distributed soon. And who is the winner? Cardano turned out to be the most popular cryptocurrency in this voting. Soon available on our trading platform!

Faster withdrawals via API

Lately, we have presented a…

We are saying goodbye to another week passing by! It was a pretty busy one tho. What has changed? Read in our summary about changes on the cryptocurrency exchange platform — CoinDeal.

Basic Attention Token

The winner of the last voting is going to be listed on our cryptocurrency exchange platform soon. Basic Attention Token soon enters CoinDeal. In what pair? You will see it! Are you excited about a new trading asset on our exchange? …

What a long week. We have been working on our long-term goals while still developing new possibilities for you. What has happened this week in the headquarters of CoinDeal? Check now!

We are on P2PB2B!

Yea! It is official. Our CoinDeal Token is now available to trade on P2PB2B exchange. You can trade it in a pair with BTC. It is only one of many steps we take to make CDL a global token.

Staking = Gaining

We have been mentioning about it now and then, but…

There is no week in which nothing would happen in our headquarter. March is perceived as a spring month in which everything is blossoming. So is CoinDeal. Why? Read our summary of last week’s changes on a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

  • Closed applications for Coindeal Ambassador

On March 3rd we have officially finished accepting applications for new CoinDeal Ambassadors. As we informed you earlier, we have decided to extend the recruitment process and also include ambassadors from Vietnam and China. What are the results? For them, you still have to wait…

We reached the end of the week, and the end of the month as well. As every Friday, it is time for a short summary of the last seven days in CoinDeal! We have a winner of the voting on our exchange, and the next one is already on the horizon.

  • The voting for the next coin to join the CoinDeal exchange has ended! The winner is Basic Attention Token (BAT), which gained 2238 votes from our users. But this cryptocurrency isn’t the only winner — all CoinDeal traders who participate in voting will gain CDL Tokens for their involvement!

Another week has come to an end — and as always, we have a short summary of the last seven days for you. We have ongoing voting for a new coin on our exchange, which is a chance for you to get some free CDL Tokens! And that’s not the end of bonuses which await our users.

  • At the beginning of the week, we started another voting for the next cryptocurrency to be added to CoinDeal. As for now, an indisputable leader is Basic Attention Token — but there is still time for eventual surprises. …

Another week has passed, another weekly update is here. This time, we have news about the name of our social media channels, new voting, and how to become CoinDeal’s ambassador. Read the full article to learn more.

  • At first, we want to officially announce that we have a new name on every social media channel. From now on, we are CoinDeal Global. You will find us only under this name.
  • Once again, we remind you that you can become a global ambassador of our platform! If…

As CoinDeal, we started our adventure with crypto more than two years ago. Being a small startup, we have achieved incredible growth. Now we’re called one of the fastest-growing crypto-fiat exchanges in Europe. We have more than 50 crypto and fiat currency markets and a community of 400.000 people. …

There has been a lot of work done in CoinDeal’s headquarters during the last several days. We’ve worked on a few significant and exciting developments, and today we can say about some of it. This is our weekly update.

  • Let’s start with one of a kind opportunity for you. You can become CoinDeal’s ambassador! If you want to know more about it, send us your application, and we will tell you about all of the profits of being the CoinDeal’s ambassador.
  • Recently, we added new API documentation. Thanks…

Another week has passed, new information has come. It has been a busy time at the CoinDeal’s headquarters. We’ve worked on so many things and try to develop other ideas, including new voting, our contest, OTC trades, and many more. This is our weekly update.

  • Voting has come to an end. As you may already know, Energi (NRG) took the first place. What’s more important, with the end of voting comes free CoinDeal tokens. If you voted regularly, you get CDLs. How much? Check out our website to find out.
  • As the old saying goes…


CoinDeal is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that measures globally and puts the user’s needs always first.

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