Adxpansion is a worldwide platform or network for advertising. This leading advertising network enables the users to buy and sell traffic according to the needs. It contains a simple and easily usable interface that offers high Ecpm rates when compared to the other ad networks.

adxpansion review cpm ad network

It holds a professional team for support that helps the users on a 24 * 7 basis. It displays new and innovative advertisements with the unique features containing images and dual — layers.

Adxpansion comes under the categories of advertising and targeting, which has its headquarters at Montreal, Quebec. It was launched in 2009 with around 11 to 50 employees.

It is the first advertising platform that focuses on adult targeting with the help of keywords. In addition to the adult sites, it focuses on non adult sites too. It does not encourage illegal contents.

Services offered by AdXpansion to advertisers:

  • It helps the advertisers in reaching the target audiences with the help of keywords.
  • It holds a dedicated and powerful system for account management.
  • It deserves and protects the quality of ad clicks.
  • The advertisers can display ads appropriate to the selection of keywords.
  • The advertisers need not to pay for the impressions, but have to pay only for ad clicks.
  • It does not allow fraud clicks, so that the advertisers can reach the quality traffic.

Services offered by Adxpansion to publishers:

  • It is a risk — free platform that permits the publishers to fix minimum cpm rates.
  • The publishers can make huge revenue with the advertisements displayed on the network. They can be able to attract highest bidders to sell their traffic.
  • It enables the publishers to earn an extra income of 20% through its network affiliate program.
  • It gives complete control to the publishers over the advertisements, so that the publishers can be able to insert or delete advertisements according to their wish.
  • The publishers get quick and faster payments.
  • The publishers’ contents are matched with the relevant and corresponding advertisements with the help of contextual advertisements.
  • Click conversions are possible with adxpansion at a higher rate due to its efficient content driven feature.

Advertisement formats:

Following are the different types of ad formats associated with Adxpansion:

  • Banner advertisements: Its sizes include 160*600, 120*600, and 300*250 and so on.
  • Text advertisements: These ads are displayed on the site’s bottom right corner.
  • Mobile advertisements: These ads are dedicated to mobile users and their sizes include 300*50, 300*100, and 305*99.
  • Pop-unders: These advertisements are displayed on a pop up window.
  • In stream advertisements: These are text advertisements displayed inside videos.
  • In player advertisements: These ads are displayed inside videos.
  • Margin advertisements: These ads are displayed on the margins (right or left) of the site.

Targeting types:

  • Desktop targeting
  • Device targeting and Mobile targeting.

Payment details:

  • It makes payments on time twice in a month.
  • The payment frequency is net 5.
  • The payment options include PayPal, Bank wire, Paxum and Cheque.
  • The commission types include CPM and CPC.
  • The minimum cashout limit in Adxpansion is 50 US Dollars ($50).

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