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CoinJanitor Is Giving 1 Million Sats Away!

Cleaning deadcoins is not the only thing that we do to give back to the space. We are now also giving away 1 million Sats as one of our contributions to the community. This comes as our project turns 2 years old.


Conventional wisdom leads to conventional mistakes. Recently a Bloomberg opinion piece from Aaron Brown over simplified cryptocurrency markets for readers who have just 5 minutes to take some information in.

That approach is as conventional as cryptocurrency markets are unconventional. Hopefully we will be able to enlighten our readers in…

We’re proud to announce that we’ve completed the RxEAL buyout. We welcome RxEAL holders to the CoinJanitor community.

If you are an RxEAL holder, please send us an email to

We (and you) often get asked how does the CoinJanitor project work.

The idea is new. It’s unique. It’s ahead of its time. So we created a short explainer video to answer the most common questions we get like:

Since we launched CoinJanitor, we have been looking at how cryptocurrency markets are moving, trying to understand how they affect the pursuit of our goal. As many people would think, we have seen more coins join deadcoin lists throughout the bear market of 2018. As ICOs failed, the deadcoin market…

sell your altcoin shitcoin or dead coins
If you’re holding worthless tokens, we want to buy them!

CoinJanitor is a project that buys out failed or inactive coins and tokens and pays users for their worthless bags of altcoins.

For more info on how why we do this and how it works you can find more details about the CoinJanitor project on our website.

But, if you…

The Myth Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Liquidity

Disclaimer: The following post is NOT meant to be taken as financial advice of any sort. Neither the author nor CoinJanitor are responsible for any action taken based on the information presented henceforth. DYOR!

Listing a new coin or token on an exchange became…

Image courtesy of

Exchange listings are the new frontier of the space. There is an explosion of exchanges and everyone has the ones they like and the ones they dislike. Nevertheless, few projects ever have the opportunity to really partner up with an exchange and go beyond the listing. CoinJanitor and AZExchange managed…

CoinJanitor, Forks and Value to Investors!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you’ve probably heard of the term ‘fork’. Fork’s came to fame in 2017 with it sparking great controversy throughout the crypto community and actually dividing many into separate camps. Ethereum faced a philosophical…

CoinJanitor is quite a unique project. Its initiative to deal with dead coins in a manner that restores some of the value they have locked in, makes it a pioneering concept in the space. But its unique characteristics seem to go beyond its goals. …


We need YOUR help to clean up crypto! Join the Janitor now and be amongst the first few to benefit from the growing community who are helping clean up crypto!

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