We are continuing to build

Over that past several weeks a number of updates have been released to the platform.

· Matching Engine — This include performance and stability improvements to the matching engine and order matching services. This update has paved the way for deeper liquidity and increased transaction load.

· Liquidity in key trading pairs


Deeper liquidity in additional pairs coming!

  • Download trade history .csv reports

What CoinLion offers today:

· The platform…

2020 is off to a roaring start, and the markets have rallied during the past few months! We are continually motivated by the power of digital currency and the impact it has on providing financial inclusion around the world.

Since the last platform update, mid January, the team has continued to focus on development and is gearing up for the next major update.

The CoinLion Trading Platform is currently live in early access, and is open to new user registration at trade.coinlion.com.

What CoinLion offers today:

  • Deposits, withdraws, & trading are fully operational

January 15, 2020

A recent update has been released to the CoinLion Trading Platform

What’s New?

ACH Improvements — Additional features have been added to the ACH system that allow for better management of your linked bank accounts. This includes the ability to:

  • Remove a bank connection

UI Improvements and bug fixes — including improvements to scaling and usability on mobile devices

What CoinLion offers today:

  • The platform can be accessed…

While the crypto market has faced challenges, ups, and downs, we continue to build towards CoinLion’s vision and hold onto our core principles. We believe fully in the impact digital currency will have on providing financial freedom around the world.

We are a week into 2020 and the team is committed, excited, and working hard! Over the past month significant development progress has been made.

What we are working on:

· API’s — we continue to work toward the release of the public APIs. These APIs will be instrumental in increasing liquidity and accessing CoinLion’s data on sites like CoinMarketCap.

· Matching Engine Improvements —…

CoinLion continues to work towards its mission building a world class trading platform that empowers users.

For those who are new or recently returning, the CoinLion Trading Platform can be accessed at trade.coinlion.com!

There have been a ton of updates over the past few months and more to come!

Major updates include:

-USD Trading

We have USD! CoinLion now allows users in approved states to trade in a number of USD trading pairs including:


-ACH bank deposit and withdraws

Users can now quickly and easily connect their bank accounts using their…

CoinLion System Update Announcement:

Over the past several months, CoinLion has been working on a major system update that will improve performance of the CoinLion Trading Platform.

This update primarily includes performance improvements related to the matching engine, wallet management, system monitoring, and other backend services.

This update will also include increased liquidity in a number of trading pairs, several added UI features, and a number of bug fixes.

The update is planned for July 1, 2019. During this time the CoinLion Trading Platform will be in maintenance mode for up to 24 hours while this update is performed.

We recommend all open orders are canceled before this update occurs. If they are not canceled, these orders will be carried over with the update.

Team CoinLion

CoinLion Soft Launch

CoinLion is proud to announce the soft opening of the CoinLion Trading Platform April 1st, 2019 at approximately 12:00 pm CT (5:00 pm GMT). At this time The CoinLion Trading Platform will be open to new users at CoinLion.com

A special invite will be sent to all users who signed up for early access and registered for the private beta. CoinLion also invites new users to access the platform at this time.

CoinLion is dedicated to deliver a working product. The soft opening is a testament to that dedication. While the market as a whole has undergone…

Since the launch of the private beta we have received great feedback from beta users and the community. Updates have and are continuing to be made based on feedback.

Given the current state of development and the state of the market, CoinLion now anticipates an early Q1 2019 public launch. It is CoinLion’s desire to start 2019 off strong and focussed on growth.

CoinLion’s mission is to provide a world-class trading experience for users from day 1, and in order to achieve this, improvements based on the results of the beta and current progress need to be made. …

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain will hard fork and after 4:40 PM GMT (12:40 AM CST) on November 15th. At this time CoinLion will support the ABC chain.

Please stop any deposits or withdraw activity from Bitcoin Cash wallets prior to the fork.

CoinLion will disable bch deposits and withdrawals for a period around the hard fork.

All BCH on the platform will not be affected.

What is the Hardfork?

Bitcoin cash goes through upgrades to improve the protocol. Many times these upgrades go unnoticed by users.

However the fork on the 15th is what is known as a “hard fork”. The BCH community…

A list of factors CoinLion reviews when determining a coin or token’s viability for listing on the CoinLion platform.

CoinLion deploys a due diligence process to the evaluation and prioritization of digital assets considered for listing on the CoinLion Trading Platform. CoinLion’s compliance team applies information gathered from multiple sources both quantitatively and qualitatively to listed assets.

Qualitative Factors Considered

To what extent is the project established within the crypto ecosystem?

Does the project’s mission align with CoinLion’s mission of contributing to the growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology?

Is the project utilizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in a meaningful manner?

Is there enough documentation and significant information related to the project?

Does the project provide information in the form of regular…


We’re on a mission to make crypto trading simple.

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