This interview is the first in the series, featuring Brandon Chez, the little-known founder who started CoinMarketCap in his Queens apartment in May 2013. Since then, CoinMarketCap has grown to be the most referenced price-tracking source for comparing thousands of crypto assets.

CoinMarketCap: What got you first interested in cryptocurrencies?

In 2011, I was on my lunch break…

Major quarterly launch includes a new professional API, derivatives markets, new exchange ranking, newsletter, events page, iOS app update , and comprehensive glossary of crypto terms

Today, in our major quarterly update, we announce our highly-anticipated professional API. We are excited to launch it after a month-long feedback and beta process with hundreds of users! It’s now live, together with several highly-requested new features on our site. Read on for more details:

Professional API

Our professional API will…


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