Although it is not visible in his headshot for this article, Tim Draper can almost always be found wearing a Bitcoin-patterned tie. While attending crypto conferences, being interviewed on CNBC — and even during an appearance on Fox News — Draper’s apparel tells you all you need to know about his unwavering belief in Bitcoin (even if you have your own opinion about the fashionable aspect of the look).

Draper is the founder of global venture capital firm Draper Associates, DFJ, the Draper Venture network and, of course, Draper University of Heroes, a for-profit school that teaches entrepreneurship and operates…

Volume inflation has been a problem in the cryptocurrency space since 2018, with exchanges reporting inflated trading volumes to give the impression of legitimacy and gain wider visibility on the rankings.

At CoinMarketCap, we are excited to bring you our latest solution to addressing the above. Starting May 29, we are rolling out a new ranking system for all our market pairs, totalling more than 22,000 market pairs spanning more than 5,500 cryptocurrencies. In addition, we are also introducing a new Confidence indicator.

Who Is This For?

Anyone who wants to know what the most cost-effective and trustworthy markets are for trading a particular…

While you may not know Laszlo Hanyecz’ name, you might have heard his story: he’s the man who paid 10,000 Bitcoin for two Papa John’s pizzas in 2010. The transaction was the first recorded instance of exchanging Bitcoin for a physical item (in this case, two cheesy ones), and as Bitcoin’s price skyrocketed in the years following the purchase, even mainstream media became obsessed with the man who bought two pizzas for $500, $5,000…and now today, over $90,000,000. There’s even a dedicated Twitter feed for those too lazy to do the math themselves.

Perhaps surprisingly, Hanyecz has no regrets about…

Charles Hoskinson is one of the founders of Ethereum, the current CEO of IOHK (which built Cardano, currently ranked 13 on CMC) and a lifelong mathematician. He’s been interviewed on Larry King (finally making his mother proud of what he does), taught a Bitcoin class online for 80,000 and seemingly mastered the art of working from home. Yet when you get him talking about crypto, the conversation can easily end up in Mongolia. Why, you might ask? Because, according to Hoskinson: “It’s crypto friendly now, Mongolia. And we’ll be there forever. …

This interview is the first in the series, featuring Brandon Chez, the little-known founder who started CoinMarketCap in his Queens apartment in May 2013. Since then, CoinMarketCap has grown to be the most referenced price-tracking source for comparing thousands of crypto assets.

CoinMarketCap: What got you first interested in cryptocurrencies?

In 2011, I was on my lunch break at work. I usually read Hacker News, a news aggregator for tech and startups. I just read this article, the headline was something to the effect of “Bitcoin reaches parity with the U.S. dollar.” It got my attention because it was just really interesting, people were trading it. …

To ensure that we continue to give you the most accurate and up-to-date data on crypto, CoinMarketCap is ad-supported, as many of you already know. However, we spend a great deal of time making sure that the ads you see are relevant, and optimizing user experience and ad performance through best practices.

As we continue to improve on our ad strategy and involve our users in understanding their needs, we have found many interesting advertising-based blockchain projects developing. We often research their pros and cons, and are active observers in how they may help our users to experience ads better…

Major quarterly launch includes a new professional API, derivatives markets, new exchange ranking, newsletter, events page, iOS app update , and comprehensive glossary of crypto terms

Today, in our major quarterly update, we announce our highly-anticipated professional API. We are excited to launch it after a month-long feedback and beta process with hundreds of users! It’s now live, together with several highly-requested new features on our site. Read on for more details:

Professional API

Our professional API will give developers and funds the ability to use our aggregated data in product offerings, providing price, market capitalization, conversions, and trading pair data that CoinMarketCap aggregates from hundreds of exchanges every minute.

“As part of our mission to continue growing the cryptocurrency sector with our partners, our professional API will…

Image from CryptoKitties

In our first interview for the CoinMarketCap blog, we found the most well-known viral game on the blockchain, CryptoKitties. An icon in itself, it has gone from a cute collectible game to a global symbol of positive change, involved in all kinds of fundraising efforts, from WikiLeaks to saving turtles to helping children’s hospitals. The brand is also a purveyor of art, having been auctioned as such, bringing greater awareness and appreciation for creativity on the blockchain.

We managed to catch Benny Giang, co-founder of CryptoKitties, for a quick interview as he gets ready to zip off to Asia for…

At CoinMarketCap, we believe in transparency and openness in our data. All the information that you see on our site is aggregated from hundreds of exchanges based on the APIs that they provide us. When we list exchanges, we do our best to verify with exchanges that the APIs they provide us will pipe through the freshest and most accurate data possible.

Volume concerns

In recent weeks, we have heard increasing concern around exchange volumes and rankings. There are three main concerns that have been brought to our attention, that have been skewing the perception of the data on the site, namely:

1. Fee-free/Transaction mining models

We have exciting news today: You can now get minute-by-minute updates of cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap! If you’re like us, you probably get up, reach for your phone, and look at the market. Now you can do that with data that updates even more often.

For the past five years, we have been updating data on the site in five-minute intervals. With this new change, we are giving you even faster, fresher data aggregated, calculated, and updated every minute.

Some good uses of this update, for example:

  1. You can now agree on prices for payment for services up to the minute…


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