CoinMex Tom Sun:The Exchange is the “Infrastructure and Service Provider” in the Blockchain Industry.

The development of the blockchain is still at an early stage, and there are many uncertainties. No one had ever imagined the early-stage iPhone would finally change everyone’s life via the mobile internet. We believe that the blockchain, like iPhone, will affect everyone’s life in a certain way.

At present, the blockchain industry is still in a bubble period. The frequent incidents of market manipulation and digital assets loss shows the lack of services at the centralized exchange. These are not conducive to the development of the entire industry. From another perspective, the barbaric development of the industry has come to an end. The focus of blockchain industry has gradually shifted from the digital currency to more abundant application scenarios, but requires solid infrastructure support and services that truly meet the standards .

CoinMex started its journey with the determination of empowering the ecological development of blockchain three months ago.

We will build an open, transparent, secure and stable global digital asset trading and open service platform. We aim to provide users with new products through creating a combination of Alibaba Cloud (Technical Services), Alipay (Management Services) and Tmall (Transaction Services) in the field of digital assets to deliver maximum value and the best services for our users through the one-stop open platform.

All CoinMex employees believe that the service is the key to empower the blockchain ecological value. CoinMex will rely on its technology and service to solve the problems in the industry. We also have a strong faith in the future of the blockchain industry and provide developers and users with a practical application, product matrix and an ultimate product experience. Besides, we have also been performing the social responsibility and trying to make our own contributions to the blockchain industry.

What makes CoinMex distinctive?

CoinMex doesn’t position itself just as an exchange but an open service platform based on strong trading capacity.

CoinMex will constantly enrich its products and provide the standard protocols based on the trading capacity. We want to provide a digital asset open service platform for blockchain applications. The overall business structure of CoinMex is built upon “protocols”. Our upstream products, whether centralized or decentralized, can both provide the services to meet the needs from our users.

The technology and self-discipline makes CoinMex unique in the industry.

We believe that an exchange must be driven by its technology and have a strong technical team to guarantee the safety and stability. CoinMex thus has comprehensively protected its internal and external networks as well as the whole system. Besides, we have also applied many software copyrights and patents.

Exchanges are frequently criticized for “reaping leek” (manipulating the market). We think the key issue of this trust crisis lies in the lack of transparency and self-discipline. CoinMex thus has taken advantage of its technology to establish the data warehouse making transaction records public to projects, market makers and users. It is the public monitor that makes CoinMex a highly-regulated exchange. In the meantime, CoinMex has developed the trustworthy public blockchain and completed uploading the data on the blockchain, which makes it easier for people to gain access to the data at a relatively low cost. CoinMex is a technology-driven team and we will gradually publish our data sharing progress in the future.

Our open CMU (CoinMex Union) service based on SAAS model, which can seamlessly upgrade the new product. Besides that, to meet the customized needs, we have provided the embeddable SDK for PC and mobile ends, with which users can enjoy the trading functions by simply adding the configuration.

We have also established a system of automated listing and delisting digital assets based on AI, we have decided to use AI technology to disclose the data of each project to ensure our investors. By disclosing information such as social-media operation data and coding information,etc, it allows the investors to judge the project in a rational way, the data-driven model can also effectively reduce the uncertainties.

The blockchain industry development powered by DAPP open platform & Payment solution

As the blockchain technology develops, there will be a growing number of landing scenarios. So we need to think about how to help enterprises and developers to land quickly because the extension of an exchange is the essential service for blockchain applications to land.

Therefore, CoinMex has made its efforts to provide DAPP open platform for blockchain applications to land and also the digital asset payment solution. That will enable enterprises or developers to focus on their own business logic and makes their operation easy and convenient like developing a Wechat mini-program. In the meantime, we also aim to provide a blockchain industrial park serving all service providers in this industry. On this platform, service providers can quickly find their customers and create a cloud market in the blockchain, thus forming a closed loop to speed up the application landing.

The economic system of global utility token CT based on “Service”

CT global utility token is the definitive token of CoinMex open service platform. We believe that the real value circulation is not the simple dividend or buyback but the circulation in all services and in all API&DAPI economic systems based on services.

The vision of CoinMex lies in the belief in blockchain. We have been trying and working earnestly to solve the problems in the industry and making the right choice at any time.

Source: Tom Sun, CEO of CoinMex