How to get from A to B without much C(ash)

How do you choose whether to take a taxi, grab a citi bike, hop on the subway, or just do it the old fashioned way and use your good two feet to get to where you wanna go? Personally, we always have trouble deciding between the many options now at our fingertips. But what we’ve learned is that there are some really great ways to save time and MONEY during your daily commute.

Uber POOL is now an incredibly cheap option… if it fits your schedule

First things first. Be aware of the SURGE. If you’re using ride-sharing apps such as Uber or Lyft, the SURGE is a nasty, dirty word. Most of us know this, and the 2–10 times increase over a normal fare always leaves a bad taste, particularly in rainy weather or during rush hour. But there are a few great ways to avoid the surge… and our favorite right now is an app in NY called JUNO…(ask us for an invite and we’ll hook you up!).

Second, one always has to be aware of minimums. Often, ride sharing apps will require a minimum $10 fare or something of that nature that make short distance trips not worth it. If we’re running late to work (usually a 20–30 minute walk) and need to get a ride, we’ll take a standard old taxi cab or summon one via Verifone’s CURB app. If you’re taking a taxi trip that is 5–10 minutes, then take a normal cab — it’s almost always cheaper!

We love ride-sharing apps for certain occasions, but we still think the SUBWAY is the best mode of transportation for price + time factors. If you’re in NYC or other busy cities, getting “across town” is typically awful based on the grid system. Lights are not timed efficiently, and there is so much movement from all points that create that nasty CONGESTION. If you’re going across town, take the subway up and walk the rest as needed. For example, if you were to go from 23rd and 8th avenue to 80th and lexington, a cab would take you around 1 hour in rush hour. Take the E train up and then walk, transfer subways or grab a citi bike!

And finally, a recent, incredible offer has come out from Uber that makes Uber Pool insanely cheap. Even cheaper than the Subway. Yep, if you do Uber Pool Unlimited, it comes out to $79 a month, which would be signifiantly cheaper than subway at $116.50 a month. Here’s a good article on it: Uber Pool makes it cheaper for you as a rider since the driver will pick up other riders on the way. We don’t love it for long rides if you’re in a time crunch (who wants to wait for others to get picked up), but if you care intensly about the $$ then it’s the way to go.

Of course, there are a few cheaper options. The second cheapest is Citi bike, at roughly $13/month… And our favorite at Coin Out… WALKING!

Whatever you decide, remember that your trips add up, and a decision today about changing routine can make a huge impact at the end of the year. #NeverChange #CoinOut

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