In retail? Here’s an easy win for your store

Being a merchant is tough. You don’t need us to tell you that. You’ve got bills to pay, customers to satisfy and margins to figure out. You’re working early mornings and late nights without a damn minute to put your feet up and take a load off. It’s hard. And just when it gets going, your best worker quits without a minute’s notice.

We get it. But something we’ve learned is that simply “going by the motions” is not going to cut it. This world is highly competitive. You need to be on the lookout for new technologies. Not ones that your merchant processor is telling you is a MUST have (like Apple Pay). Because let’s be honest, you aren’t getting more business by having an Apply Pay reader. You need to find the ones that fit for your business and don’t require you to mortgage the farm.

CoinOut will help you get more out of your customers and not slash into your leisure time as an owner.

Retail can also be overly complex. You set up your business and have grand ambitions. You want to start that new marketing initiative to get new customers in the store. Or you want to get catering going with the local university. All of this is limitless on day 1, but as the wheels start turning, your time and energy gets diverted for one sole use: the fire extinguisher. Refrigerator stops working? That’s a day right there. Customer complaint? Your afternoon is toast.

With all that in mind, we’re here to offer you an easy win. No funny business. No long thought process. No spreadsheet analysis. All you have to do is ask yourself this one question: do you like things that are easy to use and make sense? If your answer is yes, then we’ve got the perfect product for you.

Enter, CoinOut. CoinOut is a one of a kind customer convenience that gives merchants a way to please their customers and make things easier. When customers pay with cash, they have the option to save their loose change to their phone number, rather than getting it back in loose coins and/or bills. Customers actually use CoinOut because using it is SO easy. No sign up beforehand, no app download and no financial information necessary.

Customers just enter their phone number into your POS screen

In adopting CoinOut you pay a whopping $0 bucks. That’s right. It’s completely free. You download our app, set up your account (<5 minutes) and quickly learn how to do transactions. And, we provide you with all the marketing materials and funding to run promotions.

Your customers will keep using it and feel better about their checkout experience. At the same time, you get to know your customers more, and can keep the engaged if they aren’t coming back as frequently.

At CoinOut, we’re here to help you out in the retail trenches. We’ll fight tooth and nail to help you get that extra customers. We just ask you to give us a chance. Try us out today! Email with any questions or to schedule a call.

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