Kaspa X OKX Cryptopedia Step-by-Step Tutorial

6 min readNov 17, 2023

In order to celebrate Kaspa’s 2-year birthday, we introduce the campaign that allows participants to complete the tasks to receive specially customized KASBOTS NFT for free, and use the NFT to obtain 1 million USD worth of $KAS airdrop!

  1. Download/ open the OKX wallet app mobile version.

⚠️Must access the version 6.42.0 to see the campaign.

OKX Wallet

2. Go to the “Discover” page, find Cryptopedia 10 Section, and choose Kaspa season

3. The entire activity contains a total of 2 tasks: follow social media + mint KASBOTS NFT. The process is divided into 3 steps:
Complete social media tasks and receive 0.2KAS → Pay 0.18KAS(left 0.02KAS as the gas fee) to mint NFT → Receive NFT and wait for the 1 million airdrop!

After completing the first social media following task, you will be able to click to receive a 0.2KAS that is specially issued for users to participate in the next KASBOTS NFT minting task.

🚨 Please make sure you only use one Twitter account per address, otherwise, it will be invalid since the setting has bound one Twitter to one address.

🚨 Attention: It is expected that there will be a large number of participants in this event. The time for the 0.2KAS airdrop to arrive will vary from 1 second to 60 minutes depending on the number of participants. When you have 0.2KAS in your wallet, you can continue the Mint KASBOTS NFT task 😉

⚠️Please make sure you read the payment process instructions carefully in order to successfully complete the task! And don't forget to go back to the Cryptopedia task page to verify after you receive your NFT!

Here is our video tutorial:


If you prefer to read in text:

How to confirm whether 0.2KAS has arrived?

This is for those who have not set KAS as one of the crypto in their wallet, if you have already set it up, you can directly see the KAS balance, or check the History to see if 0.2KAS has arrived.

  1. add $kas as one of the crypto types

2. click “Manage crypto”

3. Search KAS and click the Add icon

4. After returning to the home page, it will be displayed if 0.2 KAS arrives, and we will use it to complete our NFT minting task.

NFT Mint Task Tutorial

The NFT task is designed to allow participants to feel how quick the Kaspa transaction is. Recommend we review the tutorials and then process. Let’s start it!!

🚨The 1 million airdrop will be distributed based on the payment address!

  1. After redirecting to the IGV NFT Mint landing page, we first to log in.

⚠️ Please make sure you are using the OKX wallet address(Not the private key import one).

2. Then after logging in, we go to “start here” to mint our NFT, this will redirect you to the Coinpal payment page.

Payment process

please make sure you read the below carefully to understand how to process the payment and complete the task properly!

  1. You need to copy the address from Coinpal & minimize the browser to go back to the OKX wallet “Home” page to transfer

Why 0.18KAS? Because we have to make sure to set aside part of it as a gas fee

2. And click “ send”,

3. Select crypto type “KAS”

4. Paste the address and click next

5. Set the amount “0.18” KAS

⚠️ make sure you type the exact amount of 0.18, otherwise, the task will not be completed!

6. Confirm send

7. At this step, you already completed the task, just need to wait for NFT mint to your wallet.

If you would like to check the payment status:

  1. Go to Discover and click the browser tab

2. Click the tab, go back to the IGV page, and check if you paid successfully.

if you paid successfully, the page will show success

If you only paid partially, it will ask you to continue, just follow the previous steps to pay the rest amount.

⚠️ please note the partial payment order only lasts for 3 hours, after 3 hours, it will expire and you need to repay 0.18 KAS again to mint the NFT.

Go check your NFT in the wallet!

The NFT minting task has been completed here. You can return to the Cryptopedia task page to verify that the task is completed, and then wait for the big airdrop distributed at the end of the event!!​ 🥳

🎉 Happy Birthday, Kaspa!! 🎂

This campaign is supported by Kaspa, OKX, Coinpal, IGV, ICERIVER, and Rhubarb media. The organizer reserves the right to the final interpretation of this activity.

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