What is CoinPlace ?

Not everyone in 2000 spotted the potential of PayPal and eBay. The possibility of buying something over the counter via the internet was looked upon with suspicion, and no-one really wanted to send money over the web either. However, there were some courageous souls who believed in the potential of web-based payment systems and internet notice-boards. Now, they aren’t complaining about their investments: today PayPal is used by 200 million people in 27 countries.

CoinPlace is the eBay of our times for a variety of cryptocurrency and tokens, and the PayPal of the new, rapidly expanding ICO entrepreneurs market.

CoinPlace’s Mission: to make life easier for participants in the cryptoeconomy!

What we are changing: cryptocurrency exchanges restrict market players and tie them down with their terms and conditions. CoinPlace will rid holders of crypto assets, and ICO organizers and investors of all crypto exchange restrictions.

When: We already have a working platform, not just a prototype. The platform will be launched in Desember 2017.

With CoinPlace, everyone will be able to acquire and exchange any cryptocurrency or tokens for fiat money anywhere, in any corner of the world, even at granny’s country house.

People! Come for crypto on COINPLACE. We will start on 5 Desember.

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