At the moment, the market for buying and selling cryptocurrencies is constrained by the stock exchanges: transactions can be made only on them. However, purchasing on the stock exchange isn’t possible in every country, and exchanges are slow to verify accounts and take time to credit and debit bank accounts.

The alternative — P2P platforms — are just a link in the chain for buying and selling crypto assets as they can change one cryptocurrency, two at the most. So, buying crypto assets throws up a number of problems.

Buying ICO tokens is not all plain sailing either: first you have to buy an intermediate currency, then set up a separate wallet for the tokens, and then jump through a whole load of other hoops. CoinPlace will change this! We will provide a simple way for everyone to buy or sell tokens at their own convenience without wasting time or money. Users will no longer be at the mercy of the exchanges and banking regulations.

CoinPlace is the world’s first P2P platform on which you can acquire any kind of cryptocurrency or tokens and change them into fiat money!

People! Make your cryptocurrency life easier! Come to COINPLACE.

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