Giving Away CHP 5,000,000 in First Freerolls!

If you’re following us on any of our social media channels, you probably already know that we were super stoked to sell out our Pre-ICO in just six days. We said then that 15% of the tokens collected will be given away, and we’re happy to tell you we’re starting this even sooner than we’d hoped!

Still looking for a perfect Christmas present for yourself? Well, make it CHP! On December 11th, we are launching FREEROLL tournaments where you will be able to win CHP 5,000,000 — or 5% of the tokens collected so far.

We’re going to be holding loads of daily tournaments, running every half an hour. That means 48 tournaments a day, every day! The action will continue for four weeks straight, so buckle up and get ready to start winning.

In addition to the daily public events, we’re also going to hold secret tournaments where you will head on quests to acquire passcodes — so make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram. However, one thing is true for every one of them: all you need to do is log in to your account and play! No buy-ins whatsoever. If you don’t have our app yet, you can download it here.

But in order to launch these tournaments, we’ve had to make some changes. The biggest one? We’re eliminating play money from our app so that we can start offering CHP games! Here’s how this is going to happen: first, the tournament lobby will become visible on the client. That will take place on Friday, 8th of December.

Then, once the play money is eliminated, tournaments will appear in the lobby so that you can pre-register for the tournaments that will start on December 11th, 00:00 GMT! However, you will be unable to play during the weekend.

We’ll also update the app with tournaments and a new table layout. On Monday, we’ll be back on and CHP games will start! You will be able to start winning CHP immediately. We’ll also start testing our anti-bot tools heavily and we’ll have no mercy for the cheaters.

So that’s how we’re going to distribute the first 5%! The remaining 10% will go back to the community in 2018. That means we’ll be able to offer even bigger prize pools, as well as more players to compete against, and hopefully, a growing and awesome community.

Our ICO is planned for the late January/early February of 2018. We’ve still got CHP 275,000,000 that we’re going to release, and we’re expecting that we’re going to have at least a few thousand new players once the ICO is finished.

We’re hoping to release first deals with exchanges early in January. That will make buying it even easier! We’re hoping that the final rounds of token distribution will be received with enthusiasm similar to what we’ve seen during our Pre-ICO. CHP should start growing in value shortly after with the players competing in our opening tournaments.

If you’re not familiar with, here’s a quick breakdown of our project: it’s a new cryptocurrency based poker room that aims to change the way online poker operates. We’re using blockchains to increase transparency, and we’re hoping to bring fun back to poker! If you’re interested about learning more, head over to our website for more info.