Interview With the Nurse Token Team

What is the current state of functionality?

We have a fully functioning online credentialing system and are in the process of developing a better UI/UX experience as well as making it accessible via a token. Right now, we have 2000 nurses in our system and will push them to the new system in about 60 days. Once they are in that system, they will rewarded nursetokens for keeping their credentials updated on it, and hospitals will need to pay in nursetokens to access credentials. In addition, Hospitals and organizations can approve nurses’ credentials and earn tokens that they can then access the platform with those tokens, thus getting the credentials for free if they participate. In a perfect scenario, hospitals would contribute to the platform and access the nurse’s credentials for free and nurses would earn tokens by keeping their credentials updated on the platform and it becomes a win-win for both caregiver and employer. As widespread adoption occurs and with a limited number of tokens, the tokens grow in value as the platform matures.

What are your plans for providing scalability to your services?

We already have nationwide contracts to provide credentialed nurses to facilities through our existing business, SnapNurse. Some of our partners, such as USPI, has over 150 surgical centers. We just signed with Northside Hospital with over 50 hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics. Cancer Treatment Centers of America also uses our services. Adding a token element to the credentialing platform is exciting to the nurses because it will incentivize them to keep them updated and also allow them the portability they need to work from place to place at a moment’s notice. In addition, we are in talks with three of the largest agencies in the world: AMN Healthcare, Jackson Healthcare, and Locum Tenens, to consider partnership.

Do you have a guys roadmap with any upgrades or partnerships?

Yes we plan to roll out our MVP beta by the start of our ICO, which is Sept 1. At which time, we can demo online and do webinars to demonstrate we are a real company with a real product. Hopefully they can realize that beforehand and participate in the presale, after looking up my name and seeing me also as CEO of SnapNurse. We will go to market no later than Jan 1, 2019. In addition, we have engaged a member of JCAHO, the governing body that oversees hospital credentialing in the US, and also a member of AAAHC which also oversees Surgery Centers in the US which we are planning to be on our Board. By doing this, we hope to establish credibility and trust in the community and in the world.

What’s the added value of Nurse token compared to competitors?

Right now, there are no blockchain, token powered credentialing platforms for medical staffing. There are online credentialing platforms but it’s pay for service and none that allow a nurse to carry their credentials from location to location with any way of a hospital knowing if they can trust those credentials. In addition, there are no incentives for hospitals to verify credentials or nurses to upload their credentials, so the process continues to be slow and arduous.

Can you tell us about the team’s background and how it relates to the services you guys are planning to provide?

Cherie Kloss — CEO of NurseToken and also CEO of SnapNurse. 18 year history of being a nurse and contract Anesthetist. Also had a successful business as a TV producer. Here is a link to my bio:

Josef Jonas — CTO of NurseToken with a strong background in blockchain. Considered a pioneer in blockchain and managed large tech teams of 600 with experience working at Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan, Novartis, and FusionSeven.

COO- Josh Clayton — Advisor to early stage tech companies, involved in many blockchain and crypto investments and transactions, with 10 years of experience in corporate and securities law matters, having represented many issuers, investors and financial institutions in numerous capital raising transactions.

Many prestigious Advisors in the tech, medical, world relief, and blockchain space (see website

Is there anything else you guys would like to add? Any future projects you can tell us about?

Future global outlook: expand to the Philippines first because 24% of the world’s nurses come from the Philippines. Nursing is a global phenomenon with Nigerian nurses, Indian nurses, Asian nurses all traveling to other countries to fill in where the needs are greatest and the pay is highest. There has never been a better time to build out a global credentialing platform for nurses and a global standard of trust and portability.


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