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CoinSOV Affiliate Program Details

Today we’re excited to launch our much awaited affiliate program to help the marketers who have been joined our mailing list, but haven’t reached affiliate partner status. The CoinSOV Affiliate Program will allow qualified affiliate markters to start earning while referring CoinSOV marketplace through different promotional channels or any other resources.

Anyone willing to become part of the pioneering CoinSOV Marketplace and can now register a unique link from their profile page on the project’s website and receive a guaranteed chance to earn 5% of amount of the purchased packages by the referred visitors through shared link.

Having seen the shift from physical to digital over the last decade, we are truly on board with cryptocurrencies and their potential in revolutionizing the global crypto economy. As a content marketing startup, we’re always a strong proponent for the development of blockchain technology.

With great excitement that we announce: We now accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments for all our coinsov packages. Yes, you can buy a content distribution package at just the scan of a QR code.

Pretty soon, we’ll also be accepting Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Neo and even more coins to give more options of cryptocurrencies in future.

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Medium is purely a hosted platform, there are…


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