CoinSOV Officially Launches It’s Affiliate Program

Sep 27, 2018 · 3 min read
CoinSOV Affiliate Program Details

Today we’re excited to launch our much awaited affiliate program to help the marketers who have been joined our mailing list, but haven’t reached affiliate partner status. The CoinSOV Affiliate Program will allow qualified affiliate markters to start earning while referring CoinSOV marketplace through different promotional channels or any other resources.

Anyone willing to become part of the pioneering CoinSOV Marketplace and can now register a unique link from their profile page on the project’s website and receive a guaranteed chance to earn 5% of amount of the purchased packages by the referred visitors through shared link.

CoinSOV Affiliate Program

All payments issued to Referral Program marketers shall be made in BITCOIN [BTC] or ETHEREUM [ETH]. After a successful transaction, the affiliate commission will be sent as Ethereum or Bitcoin, 5% of the total transaction purchased via the shared link to the account of the Referral Program participant.

Our amazing affiliate program allows anyone to easily get started for free, right away. And the best part of all is that not only can you promote CoinSOV to your network, friends, family and followers, but it’s a great way to make yourself an incredible stream of extra income.

Income Calculator — CoinSOV Affiliate Program

Some Questions may be helpful:-

Q:- How do I apply for the CoinSOV Affiliate Program??

A:- To become part of our Affiliate Program, all the participants shall have to register on We will be approving the affiliate participants manually after reviewing the marketing process. The process takes only 24 hours.

Q:- How to get a my affiliate link?

A:- Once your account will be approved by our affiliate manager, After that you will be able to receive a unique reference link at the following address:

Q:- How do I qualify to become a CoinSOV Affiliate?

A:- There is no criteria BUT you have to write [on the registration page] how you are going to promote your affiliate link. Well, The criteria is likely to change over time as the program develops.

Q:- In there any restrictions like countries /resident?

A:- As of now, We are open to accept affiliates globally, from all countries.

Q:- I have a question how i can ask!?

A:- You can send us an email or can message us on our official thread of bircointalk.

Our internal team is always standing by to make things smooth for you, so feel free to reach out to us at anytime for help registering or to ask any questions about what the program is all about.

Don’t wait for another day, Sign up for the CoinSOV Affiliate Program today, and start earning up to $400 for every referral.


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