Dear users:

CoinSeason will move from <www.coinseason.com> to <www.coinseason.io>. Due to the system maintenance and platform wallet upgrade, CoinSeason suspends all deposit into platform wallets from now on. Withdrawal could be made from CoinSeason platform wallets until September 5 12:00pm (PDT).

In the meanwhile, users are encouraged to register at Kcoin to trade.

For OTC tradings, please contact coinseason team: Eric (ericli@coinseason.io), Erica (erica.wong@coinseason.io) or Joyce (joyce.gong@coinseason.io) to inquire the new wallet address. During the upgrade period, the crypto sent to old platform wallets might not be retrievable. …



CoinSeason Capital Inc. is a Crypto/Fiat currency trading platform based in Vancouver Canada. Our articles are not a prospectus or an investment solicitation

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