Seoul, South Korea. Photo by Sunyu Kim on Unsplash.

An overview of raising funds through Initial Exchange Offerings and how to know if doing one might be a fit for your blockchain project.

Tips on collaborating with well-known local online personalities to bring awareness to your blockchain or cryptocurrency project in Japan.

CoinView now has on-boarding guidance to help new users learn their way around the app.

World’s top all-in-one cryptocurrency app becomes easier to learn for new users, refines existing features, and fixes a ton of bugs!

CoinView for iOS Version 3.6.2 Update Notes


  • On-Boarding: Added guidance for new users (will be displayed just once after updating).
  • Candlestick Charts (coin detail pages): Tweaked font…

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Mixin Network will host an exciting competition for passionate blockchain developers, providing a global platform to showcase their talents.

Seasoned investors and industry leaders are heading to New Delhi on December 2nd, 2018 to checkout the hottest blockchain startups.

Wondering how to best go about raising funds for your blockchain project? Here’s an overview of STOs and how they differ from ICOs.

World’s top all-in-one cryptocurrency app enhances its built-in wallet, adds onboarding for new users, and refines its overall feature set.

What You’ll Love About Version 3.6

New Features

  • Onboarding guidance for new users
  • Adding fiat deposit or withdraw records
  • Trading via CoinPark exchange
  • Support for unbalanced ask/bid board display

New Options for CoinView Wallet

  • Backup secret key to iCloud
  • Reset…

CoinView App

Best all-in-one cryptocurrency investment management app with watchlists, market data, ICO information, news, and secure trading via API on multiple exchanges.

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