The world’s most expensive coin, valued at $10 million, is drawing crowds in Europe

This 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar was bought for more than $10 million in 2013.

A silver dollar that is valued at $10 million—known as the world’s most expensive coin—is touring through Europe and drawing crowds.

The 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar, which some experts classify as the first coin of its kind struck by the U.S. Mint, is featured in an exhibition that also includes an original copy of the Declaration of Independence.

A $10 million coin and a priceless piece of U.S. history: that’s quite the power couple.

The exhibit drew nearly 4,000 visitors during its stay at the National Museum in Prague from Feb. 9 to Feb. 12.

Legend Numismatics owns the coin. It paid that $10 million price tag back in 2013.

So what’s so special about this coin?

Just 2,000 1794 dollars were struck by Mint operators in Philadelphia. They were struck with a hand-turned screw press. 1,758 of the coins were deemed to be of sufficient quality to be delivered Oct. 15, 1794, to the Mint’s treasurer, Nicholas Way, by Chief Coiner Henry Voigt.

So there’s not a lot of these coins out there to begin with.

On top of that, this particular 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar is the only one that was struck with a silver plug in its center. The plug filled a hole pierced into the blank planchet (the piece of metal that becomes the coin) before it was struck. The planchet was underweight, so the plug was meant to bring it up to standard weight.

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