Q&A + Announcement — Why Phore’s listing on the new Ternion Exchange is a big deal.

Last week, Phore Blockchain announced that it will be listed on the new high-security, Ternion exchange when the exchange goes live on November 15th.

Ternion is a new player that has the potential to challenge the established market leaders as a result of prioritizing users’ safety, offering a mobile app, a web platform, as well as integrated merchant services and a fiat gateway.

Ternion is a licensed exchange that vigorously follows legal regulations. I believe Ternion will be a partner of choice for both institutional and retail investors. It is willing and able to satisfy professional traders and crypto enthusiasts with a sound technical infrastructure in place.

Co-CEO of Phore Anthony Alleyne & CEO of Ternion Rudolfs Medvedevs at the Malta Blockchain Summit

I talked to both Rudolfs Medvedevs, the CEO of Ternion, and Anthony Alleyne, the Co-CEO of Phore.

I asked Mr. Medvedevs about the partnership with Phore and he said:

“Phore is a perfect match to be listed on the Ternion Exchange. The Phore team is extremely dedicated in its mission to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the masses.” He added, “The vision of Ternion aligns with Phore’s vision to build powerful technology to enable a new financial ecosystem that links both traditional and new economies. I very much look forward to our partnership with Phore and all the advantages it will bring to our communities.”

Phore’s listing on Ternion will certainly lead to growth for the project as the exchange gains traction with more investors and merchants. Phore will go live with a Bitcoin ( $BTC ) paring initially, but in January 2019, $PHR will be paired with $USD and offer a direct fiat gateway to purchase $PHR.

So why do I think this is exciting news for Phore?

Introducing a fiat gateway is exactly in line with Phore’s goals of bringing blockchain technology to everyday people for real-world use. Now, for the first time, investors and merchants will be able to enter the crypto space by purchasing $PHR using the US dollar directly. The US dollar is the most common fiat traded globally. It acts as an unofficial global reserve currency and is held by nearly every central bank and institutional investment entity in the world.

When I asked Anthony what this means for Phore, he said:

“With our listing on the Ternion exchange, Phore takes one more step towards mainstream use by being accessible with the US dollar directly. Phore is dedicated to solving real-world problems, and offering a pairing with a monetary unit that is highly fungible like the US dollar provides consumers with a highly liquid solution that will help ensure access to funds on demand.”
“Partnering with a visionary organization like Ternion, who is dedicated to fostering ease of accessibility, high security and compliance with regulations, accelerates the adoption of blockchain technology and will further enable the use of Phore with merchants and investors.”


Having a fiat gateway for Phore could be a game-changer. Today, most transactions related to finance and investing involve fiat. In order to meet market demands and help the industry grow, offering a gateway that provides a more seamless and cost-effective entry and exit point will attract more users as the industry grows and evolves. This helps Phore build a stronger foundation for future growth.

I’m very excited about the partnership between Ternion and Phore. Both of these projects are committed to the mainstream adoption and use of cryptocurrencies. With the emphasis on bridging the gap between traditional finance and blockchain, this collaboration allows people to invest in new technology in a transparent and risk mitigating way, as well as experience its benefits first-hand.

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