Q&A — Scott Melker aka “The Wolf Of All Streets”.

This is NOT Scott Melker.
Buying the Tesla bottom before it absolutely RIPPED up.

“Good morning, Scott! How did you turned the guy we’re seeing in the picture below into the man you are today?”

“This is what I looked like in 1998. This is also what my kitchen looked like.”

I had so much success as a DJ and producer that there was little reason for me to pursue my other interests. I made it from “bedroom DJ” to stadium DJ in a matter of years.

“What does your daily routine look like?”

5–5:30 AM

7 AM

8–9 AM

9 AM — 12 PM

12 PM

12:30 PM

4 PM

5:15 PM — 7:30 PM

7:30 PM — 8:30 PM

8:30 PM — 10:30 PM

Rinse, repeat.

“As a trader, how important is risk management to you?”

“Do you remember the day when you found out the hard way this was a necessary discipline being a novice trader?”

“Looking at your technical analysis, I really dig the simplicity of it. How do you start out when you’re looking at a fresh chart?”

“If you had to choose between only trading Bitcoin or altcoins for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?”

“What is your outlook on Bitcoin and Ethereum for this quarter?”

“When looking at all the other altcoins, which ones have your increased attention this year?”

“What’s the best advice you ever received and would like to pass on?”



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