Q&A — Svante Lehtinen and Dennis de Klerk, founders of H.E.A.T Ledger.

DEXs are popping up like every week, but the team of H.E.A.T. Ledger has been silently building & tweaking on its platform since 2016.

With H.E.A.T they’re embodying a completely new way of structuring cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer decentralized asset ledger.

Optimized for speed and architected with custom private chains in mind, HEAT readily provides excellent solution for crowdfunding and IPO arrangements of any size.

Without further ado, let’s start!

“Who is behind HEAT and how did you got involved with blockchain technologies?”

After working on the crypto field for a while, we (Svante Lehtinen and Dennis de Klerk) teamed up in 2014 to create FIMK, one of the first stable Proof-of-Stake platforms and the first decentralized Asset-to-Asset crypto exchange on the market. From this non-profit model, they spun off Heat Ledger Ltd in Finland, with sizable changes to the core protocol for future proof scalability, enhanced features, fully for-profit DEX, and client-side multi-crypto wallet.

“What is HEAT — and why does the community need it?”

HEAT is a blockchain and p2p platform to power the future of transactions. The fintech tools and communication solutions provided have been optimized for security, privacy, and performance, empowering individuals and institutions with the benefits of blockchain-enabled solutions.

The HEAT crypto platform, combining a multicurrency client-side wallet and integrated decentralized asset exchange (DEX), is a professional trader’s solution for easily and securely storing, trading, managing, and issuing your digital assets. HEAT DEX was conceived with three main pillars — stability, security, and flexibility.

“Back in 2016 you’ve managed to raise $900K — how did you use the funds?”

Funds from the ICO have been used efficiently, yet prudently to cover the costs of sustainable development and expansion. Heat Ledger Ltd has an international setup with six full-time employees and a number of partners pushing together forward the wide range HEAT crypto platform business concept.

Due to careful portfolio management and very good timing of the ICO, Heat Ledger Ltd has maintained operating funds whose value still exceeds that received in the ICO.

“The past years lots of DEXs were released, and even Binance is launching their own — what are the USP’s of HEAT compared to competitors?”

Since the birth of HEAT there has been no doubt that DEXs were the solution necessary for asset exchange platforms. Centralized platforms carried lots of risks for the users and that has become more evident through the various hacks and scams seen in the last years.

Despite the regulatory barriers of being an early adopter, the HEAT team launched the DEX with the conviction that it will hit maturity by the time that DEXs will become the natural solution to crypto trading. That time is arriving and the HEAT team is excited to see how its stable and secure platform is adopted by the masses.

Some of HEAT’s DEX USPs are:


HEAT carries an extended set of features not found in other DEXes. While not the simplest to access and master, these advanced features provide great value for professional blockchain and p2p network users while keeping it simple enough for basic crypto users to store and trade their assets.

Wallet Integration

By integrating the DEX and genuine multi-crypto wallet where funds are stored on the user’s device and not the exchange’s servers, HEAT provides easier access to crypto trading and more secure storage of funds not deployed to trading.


With enough flying hours since 2016, HEAT’s DEX has hit a point of maturity where the platform is fully stable, providing that physical and psychological security to the users who can trust the service with their hard-earned crypto.


Based on client side public/private key technology, all parts of the HEAT platform rely on keeping full control of data and authentication details in the user’s hands. Integrated cutting edge private messenger extends the usability of HEAT as a total solution for all things crypto and private online communication.


Multiple access points to the decentralized HEAT network through downloadable applications, web wallet, ready-to-install full node servers, and interactive API. A wide range of usable blockchain features starting from simple private data stored on the blockchain, extending up to microservices (decentralized applications).


HEAT’s DEX explorer was designed to be able to maximize exploring possibilities.

“Looking at HEAT’s roadmap, what are the milestones you are looking forward to the most?”

2019’s Wallet & DEX roadmap remains private for now as it holds strategic direction that can’t be shared to be able to enjoy some of the benefits from a 1st mover advantage. DEXs are on the rise and HEAT wants to stay ahead of the curve as it has done till now. We now have four major release milestones scheduled for the year, one at the end of each quarter. In this recent Q1 release we (1) brought fixes to the server and new functionalities, (2) improved and speeded up the withdrawal process, and (3) have extended coin support for the wallet and DEX. With each quarter’s update, we will keep advancing on all these fronts. Between the major releases and often not mentioned, usability and overall user experience are improved constantly throughout the year.

In the freshly published business strategy chart of HEAT in 2019, we’re maintaining focus on strengthening HEAT’s legal, organizational and partnership infrastructure to be able to offer an extensive variety of token services in an optimized manner. This from the point of view of the end users — whether they’re individual cryptocurrency investors or corporate token issuers, HEAT strives to excel not only technically, but by providing added value for our users in a compliant and legally secure way in the fast-paced crypto landscape.

“How can we stay up-to-date?”

  • Twitter: where we share communications and interact with fans and the crypto sphere. All major communications go through this channel.
  • Facebook: a continuation of HEAT’s Twitter communications where we can reach other users and fans.
  • Discord: this is the main community channel where you can find channels on general issues, info sessions, updates, mining/forging, etc.
  • LinkedIn: on this channel, we connect with the business community. More dedicated to inspiring and educating business, institutional, and regulation leaders on the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for fintech.
  • Reddit: this is another community forum but for a more generalistic crowd, where we connect with crypto fans and discuss the progress of HEAT as a company, and its services.
  • Bitcointalk: another community forum where to be present to connect and answer crypto fans.
  • GitHub: this is HEAT’s main repository of assets. Ideal for developers who want to take advantage of HEAT’s infrastructure to create their own solutions.

I am not a financial advisor who tells people to buy certain assets.

That being said, besides being invested in H.E.A.T, I am being compensated for my time writing this article.

Thanks for reading,

Mr. Backwards




Born in 2046, going backwards since.

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Mr. Backwards

Mr. Backwards

Born in 2046, going backwards since.

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