Q&A — Thomas Marchi, co-founder Sentivate.

“Hi, Thomas! What is your background and for how long have you been involved with software development?”

Thomas Marchi’s current avatar on Twitter.

“Sentivate claims that the world wide web as we know it is sick, what exactly do you mean by that?”

“How is Sentivate going to change this for the better?”

We have created a data transport protocol designed to replace HTTP, WEBRTC, & Websockets called UDSP. UDSP is a UDP based low-latency, real-time, bi-directional, encrypted, and reliable Data Transport Protocol.

“Can you tell us something about the SNTVT token and its current use?”

“What will be the biggest challenges ahead of disrupting the biggest network in the world?”

“When the Sentivate Network launches you’ll be swapping the SNTVT token to VIAT, your native cryptocurrency. What can you tell us about that?”

“What can you tell us about your team?”

Tom Marchi

Matt Karasiewicz

Lew Knopp




Jamie Linkowski

“Looking at your roadmap, what are you most excited for?”

“How can people stay up-to-date”

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