2 Minute Merchant Bitcoin Setup

Coinapult is the fastest, easiest way for any business to start accepting Bitcoin payments. Anyone with a smart phone or laptop can follow this guide to accept their first payment within 2 minutes from reading this sentence.

1. Go to https://coinapult.com/signup and create an account using your email address

2. Verify your email

3. Go to https://coinapult.com/locks/ and select your favorite money (USD, EUR, GBP, gold, silver)

4. Enter the total amount you wish to receive in the “Lock amount” box

5. Submit and show the resulting invoice to the customer

That’s it. The customer pays the amount specified to the address given, and within seconds the invoice should show ‘confirming’ in the top right corner. For most retail transactions this is sufficient to accept this payment and move on to the next. For 100% certainty on larger transactions, it is advised to wait the ~20 minutes needed for transaction to receive 2 confirmations.

For subsequent transactions, simply repeat steps 3–5.

This quick and easy merchant setup does not include bank settlement capabilities. If you wish to cash out your Locked bitcoins at some later date, or as transactions happen, contact us. One of our Account Executives will walk you through our quick and easy KYC process.

All steps above can also be performed using our API: https://coinapult.com/developer/api/http. For more information about our Business to Business services, see https://coinapult.com/merchant/info.

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