Coinapult Integrates With Licensed Financial Institution Crypto Capital, Now Open to Business in the U.S.

May 20, 2015 · 3 min read

PANAMA CITY, Panama, 20 May 2015 — Coinapult, a leading Bitcoin broker, market maker, and wallet service provider since 2012, today announced its integration with licensed financial institution, Crypto Capital. The combination of Coinapult’s bitcoin liquidity and Crypto Capital’s bitcoin-friendly banking services creates a seamless solution that enables individuals and businesses to buy, sell, send, and receive bitcoin and fiat.

The alliance allows Coinapult to reopen its services to the United States, a high-priority objective for Coinapult.

With Coinapult’s guaranteed pricing at any volume and Crypto Capital’s ability to immediately receive fiat to private international bank accounts for individuals and businesses, Coinapult and Crypto Capital are now releasing a solution to bridge the gap between the Fiat and Crypto economy.

Coinapult will no longer request know-your-customer (KYC) documentation. This allows anyone to utilize Coinapult’s pricing services and API without restriction. Crypto Capital will be performing KYC for customers who want to deposit or withdraw fiat currencies. Additionally, limits on account volumes have been lifted.

As a result of integration with a licensed financial institution, Coinapult’s feature product, Locks (TM), will now be upgraded to fully functional buy and sell options, with the ability to deposit and withdraw fiat at any time via Crypto Capital. All Coinapult fiat balances will now be held and insured under a separate Crypto Capital bank account. This is the first step in Coinapult’s longer-term plan to move toward a trustless system. The next step for Coinapult is offering client-side multisignature support for all users.

“Coinapult has been looking forward to reopening in the U.S. for quite some time now. We’re excited to work with both former and new users,” said Niccola Pérez, company spokesperson. “Having built a relationship with Crypto Capital for the past year and beta-testing with our current clients, we are confident that our full integration will add significant value to the Bitcoin ecosystem, which has been starved for an effective, seamless banking solution to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and fiat.”

Crypto Capital provides a bitcoin-friendly individual or corporate bank account. Users can then instantly transfer funds between their own private accounts and their Coinapult fiat wallets. Coinapult currently supports USD, EUR, and GBP. More currencies are slated for release in the coming weeks. Crypto Capital supports 30 different currencies and can remit funds to over 180 countries. Accounts are insured up to EUR 100,000.

ABOUT COINAPULT // Coinapult, a leading provider of bitcoin wallet and brokerage services, has been building Bitcoin technology since 2011. The company aims to provide a secure and easy-to-use Bitcoin platform for everyone, from the newcomer to the seasoned bitcoin veteran.

ABOUT CRYPTO CAPITAL // Crypto Capital is a licensed financial institution headquartered in Panama and focused on building a private fiat banking platform to support the cryptocurrency economy.


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