Electrum Locks Plugin (beta)

Sep 30, 2014 · 2 min read

Locks is Coinapult’s flagship service that solves the problem of Bitcoin volatility. This is accomplished by allowing users to tie their bitcoin value to more stable assets, like USD, GBP, EUR, gold and silver. Locking is easy, providing instant purchasing power protection by removing the risk of Bitcoin price fluctuations.

Today, Coinapult is proud to share our latest creation: a Locks plugin that can be used natively within the Electrum Bitcoin wallet. Now anyone can simply download the Coinapult version of Electrum, with Locks built in and ready to use.

By combining an open-source wallet such as Electrum, and the Locks API, any Bitcoin user can now feel doubly secure. The Electrum wallet lets users hold their own Bitcoin private keys and manage their security, while the Locks plugin gives users instant and easy access to protect themselves against Bitcoin price swings.


We put together a screencast demonstrating how it works. Select the Locks plugin, use our ECC authentication to register your API keys, and start Locking immediately!

If you’d like to test our Beta release of the Coinapult plugin for Electrum, you can view the source code and download on our github page. We look forward to bringing on more Locks partners soon to help increase access to the new global digital economy.

— Coinapult Team


More information:
Locks explainer video — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxriIkGaY60
Learn more at: https://coinapult.com/locks/info

For developers:
Coinapult Electrum fork on github — https://github.com/coinapult/electrum
ECC API documentation — https://coinapult.com/developer/api/ecc
Python, PHP, and Javascript clients: https://github.com/coinapult/public/tree/master/clients



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