Tender Wallet Bot: the Bitcoin wallet & broker for your Telegram app

More and more, chat applications are becoming the go-to app for a number of different daily functions, aside from just messaging friends and family.

And it makes plenty of sense. Messaging mom about directions to the family reunion? Here’s the GPS location and navigation. Talking to your coworker about that presentation? Send him the updated copy.

Now, Telegram’s 100 million users can send, receive, and lock their bitcoin value from within the chat interface by messaging our bot, @tenderwalletbot. The bot is powered by Coinapult’s API, and has all the same features. So when your friend is bugging you about that $10 bet you made against the Golden State Warriors, you can send him $10 of bitcoin directly within Telegram. And your friend can choose to keep it in bitcoin, or in dollars, euros, or pounds as well.

…ok, fine, nobody would bet against the Golden State Warriors, but you get the point. A simple, easy-to-use, and feature-full bitcoin wallet and broker, all from your daily messaging app ;)

To start using the bot, send a Telegram message to @tenderwalletbot