Coins4Favors FavorLetter #3–26.03.18

Dear subscribers and contributors,
dear followers and friends,

we, the Coins4Favors team, want to keep you informed on what’s going on with our project and the upcoming ICO with our weekly favorletter. Furthermore, we will introduce Team members to you and share insights on the ICO world and what we have learned on our way to make Coins4Favors a success for you and us. Our most important goal is to get in touch with you. Let us know what you would like to hear from us, which team member you would like to learn more about or whatever is on your mind concerning our project. Send us an email or join our telegram chat!

Coins4Favors Project News

What a week !!! Our ICO journey has always felt intense and a lot of fun and excitement for our team, but this week was something else.

We started our first Airdrops, uploaded the Coins4Favors smart contract to the blockchain, started to transfer the first Tokens, had to review and deal with tons of advertizing offers, have been approached by an exchange for listing our C4F FavorCoins and many more things. Fun fun fun :)

We have grown our Telegram Chat from 20 people to 200 in just two days and several hundred who have signed up for the airdrop are still to sign up as well.

The number of investors who have signed up for the ICO and provided their wallet has seen several hundred additional entries in just the last few days — and we know all this is due to your help and support.


It has been an intense week and we are making huge progress in getting public attention for our Coins4Favors project and support is growing exponentially. We have been approached by countless advertizers of some really popular media, invited to present on blockchain events and gotten lots of encouraging feedback.

But the biggest gift we got is you — our supporter community. With your great ideas, critical questions and encouraging feedback via email and chat you keep us motivated and working hard to reach our common goal to make Coins4Favors a huge success for you and us.

Airdrops, Airdrops, Airdrops

We have done 2 Airdrops via Twitter and gotten great response. The 1000x1000 coins have been stormed and are almost gone. We are sending out the coins since this morning. Some people have still not joined the Telegram Group which is the last step to qualify for

the payout of the 1000 favorcoins. Simply click this link and join the group if you already provided the wallet and email and Telegram name in the google forms of the airdrop:

join our telegram group

We also have a second twitter Airdrop now for people who write a supporting tweet on why the Coins4Favors ICO is a great project and link our project video
Simply provide the link to your tweet for 5000 FavorCoins !

For our strongest supporters we now also have a Premium Airdrop for forum contributions. Write a review of the project or describe the features and benefits of the C4F project on the most common crypto-forums and get HUGE rewards.

Details can be found on Medium for all our Airdrops.

The Coins are here …

The Coins4Favors smart contract has been officially released to the blockchain. Now everyone can add them to a wallet to see the Coins4Favors balance in his favorite wallet. For an instruction how to add the Tokens to your wallet, see our Medium article

Details of the C4F Token:

Contract address: 0xf947d41ea54953c212eccaa4df5c015821ba8731

Symbol: C4F

Decimals: 18

The earned airdrop coins are being sent already and we review the lists for completed criteria daily. You can check the transaction queue on here:

We will also send the 50,000 free FavorCoins for those of you who had signed up prior to Feb 28th as soon as the Airdrop coins are transferred.

So what’s next ?

In the coming days we will focus on the next steps of our ICO marketing:

1. Decide on listing pages for the ICO

2. Continue Airdrops to enhance the publicity further

3. Continue to develop the Beta Version of our C4F App to be published before the ICO.

A final word: The Pre-ICO will start in less than two months. We encourage everyone to participate in the airdrops to get FavorCoins for free before the ICO starts and help us spread the word and tell your friends and colleagues, family and others about this exciting project. The more publicity we get, the higher the demand for FavorCoins and the higher the potential value of the C4F Tokens in the market later — grow your own fortune by getting FavorCoins and supporting our project — Thanks !

Stay tuned for more and have a great week,

kind regards,

Dr. Jens Schmidt, Dennis Hillemann & the Coins4Favors Team