Coins4Favors ICO — Newsletter #1

Dear subscribers and contributors,

dear followers and friends,

we, the Coins4Favors team, want to keep you informed on what’s going on with our project and the upcoming ICO with our weekly newsletter. Furthermore, we will introduce Team members to you and share insights on the ICO world and what we have learned on our way to make Coins4Favors a success for you and us. Our utmost goal is to get in touch with you. Let us know what you would like to hear from us, which team member you would like to learn more about or whatever is on your mind concerning our project. Send us an email or join our telegram chat!

So what’s going on with our project?

Just a reminder: We have shifted our ICO date to take additional measures which will make sure we all see the success we are looking for with our Coins4Favors platform. For those of you who have missed our information about it, read up on Medium.

In the meantime, we have not been relaxing. Our smart-contract is being audited for security and posted on GitHub. Once this review is done (which is to be expected within the next 14 days), we will follow up in keeping our promises concerning closed airdrops for the early supporters in the Coins4Favors community — you. Of course, we will also do public airdrops to boost the public knowledge about this project further. If you also want to keep track of our public airdrop, you should follow us on Twitter.

We are also working on getting listed on more of the major ICO listing platforms as well as getting rated by the leading rating platforms for ICOs at the moment. We will provide more details and seek your input on what you consider the most critical ones in a voting in the next newsletter.

Dr. Jens Schmidt, our CEO and Founder, and the technical advisors are working on the app, to launch the beta version before the Pre-Sale starts. Dennis Hillemann, our chief counsel, is in talks with a big investor for the project. However, as we already stated on telegram, we are careful about such matters, as this is your and our project and we want to make it a success for you, not for a single „big player“ to make a quick profit and walk away. We will keep you updated on this matter.

New Team Member: Nike Hornbostel

This week has been very good for us, not only because of all the positive feedback we get lately but especially due to winning a new team member with Nike Hornborstel. Nike joins us as marketing & communications director. She is a marketing and sales expert with strong business acumen and previous expertise in startup incubation and communication strategy. You can find more information about her experience and skills on her LinkedIn profile.

In addition to her great business experience, Nike is just the kind of person you want on your leadership team: Nike is a very positive person who enjoys life and has a real can-do-mentality and a pragmatic approach to problems with a hands-on-attitude. When she first heard about Coins4Favors, Nike pointed out that this project would have a great chance to do good things in the world. She will especially focus on advertising the Coins4Favors platform with NGOs and welfare organizations, as this project has the potential to bring blockchain to the people and let everyone participate in a technology changing the world. Jens and Dennis have been impressed by Nike’s attitude on this matter and want to support her marketing activities in any possible matter. Welcome onboard, Nike! If you want to get in touch with her, just send her an email!

ERC20 Wallet creation

At Coins4Favors, we take our promise to bring blockchain to the people serious. Therefore we understand that many people signing up for the Pre-Sale and the ICO might not have much experience with cryptocurrency or ERC-20 tokens. First, we want to invite all of you who have signed up with us but have not yet undergone the KYC procedure to get in touch with us if you have any problems. Jens, Dennis, and the rest of the team are always willing to help you. Also, please remember the bonus of 50.000 FavorCoins if you sign up & do KYC before the start of the Pre-Sale in May. Moreover, if you have got trouble setting up an ERC-20 wallet, read up our support article on Medium.

The ICO World

Last, we want to give you a little insight on what it is like to run an ICO that gets more and more attention: You get a lot of emails and offers. Really, we mean a lot. Promotional offers, collaboration offers, pleads to join our team and so on.

It is great to see how popular we get — everyone loves attention, of course, and it shows that we are on the right path to make this one of the top ICOs of the year. However, it is also a lot of work to reply to the offers and to check which ones are serious and which ones are not. Fortunately, Jens and Dennis both have multiple years of business experience so they have efficient ways to handle this.
Communication is key: We want you to send us an email or join our telegram chat if you have any idea you wish to discuss with us. We are happy about any contribution and always open to discuss it with you.

Question of the week on our telegram chat
„Are there torturers?“

Stay tuned for more and have a great week,
kind regards,

Dr. Jens Schmidt, Dennis Hillemann & the Coins4Favors Team

The Coins4Favors Team