Coins4Favors ICO — Newsletter #2

Dear subscribers and contributors,
dear followers and friends,

we, the Coins4Favors team, want to keep you informed on what’s going on with our project and the upcoming ICO with our weekly newsletter. Furthermore, we will introduce Team members to you and share insights on the ICO world and what we have learned on our way to make Coins4Favors a success for you and us. Our most important goal is to get in touch with you. Let us know what you would like to hear from us, which team member you would like to learn more about or whatever is on your mind concerning our project. Send us an email or join our telegram chat!

Cryptoweek in Review

Last week has been another roller coaster week for cryptos with Ether dropping to as low as $450. We, the Coins4Favors team are strong believers in the long term success of the Ethereum blockchain and the value it brings and keep our contribution and exchange rate of Ether vs. FavorCoins the same.

For you this means you can get the FavorCoins even cheaper as long as the Ether price is low. Our FavorCoins are a true utility token, so it has an intrinsic value since you can buy favors for them.

Coins4Favors ICO Project News

Our smart contract has been audited and is considered to be secure. Thanks to our contract coders and the security team for the great work allowing us to pass the external audits so easily. We’re very happy with this result and will upload the smart contract to the blockchain within the next 48 hours.

Once the contract is published you will receive the contract address together with an step-by-step instruction by email on how to add the FavorCoins as a token to your wallet. In the next days, the first wave of our large airdrop campaigns will start. As promised, all users who have registered with us by the end of February 2018 and who have provided their ERC-20 compatible wallet adress will receive 50.000 FavorCoins (C4F) for free. We want to show our appreciation for your early support.
Other private airdrop campaigns for our community will follow in the upcoming weeks, so we encourage you to tell your family and friends about our ICO and have them listed to sign-up as well. Also remember our Bounty program!
Other than that, our public airdrop campaigns will boost the attention for our project even further and will show people that FavorCoins are real. The first airdrop campaign will start on our english speaking twitter account, @Coins4FavorsICO. Are you following us yet on Twitter? Future airdrop campaigns will focus on other social networks, such as Medium, Facebook. Instagram, and the most popular forums for blockchain, cyptocurrency and sharing economy.

Last: The three most active supporters for our ICO will be rewarded with 1.000.000 FavorCoins by the start of our Pre-Sale in May. We will chose the winners based on thei ideas they shared, the activities they shown on social media or in our telegram group and the general passion they showed for Coins4Favors. Email us your terrific ideas or the links to posts you made on social media or on twitter — we will duly note your activities. Details on this exciting reward program will be published with the next newsletter.

Our CEO and Founder: Dr. Jens Schmidt

Dr. Jens Schmidt is the founder and CEO of Coins4Favors and the brilliant mind behind the Coins4Favors system and its combination with blockchain technology.He gained broad experience as a serial entrepreneur and founder of several IT startups as well as being the Corporate Technology Consultant and Gobal Technology Director for a 50 Billion USD Company where he started in 2002.

As chairman of the Advantaged Technology Leadership Team for one of the largest chemical manufacturing sites in Europe he also drives the development and implementation fo the digitalization strategy around Industry 4.0, IoT, Big Data and blockchain use in chemical manufacturing. During the last two decades he acquired a unique combination of business acumen and technical skills while living and doing work assignments in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. He has multi-year international experience in developing business strategies, business plans and driving large global multi-million dollar projects and boosting business success. His proven track record of breakthrough business improvements is based on strategic thinking, excellent analytical, technical and people leadership skills, his problem-solving capabilities and great business acumen. He acquired these with his PhD and M.Sc. in Engineering from a German University, his executive MBA from Northwood University/Richard DeVos International school of management and experiences in starting up several IT consulting and software companies since 1991. Especially the 2014 startup TREXCARE, a platform and mobile security app for expats and travelers ( helped jump start the Coins4Favors system with many modules such as the location aware geofencing part of the TREXCARE App used to develop the rapid prototype of the Coins4Favors platform and apps.

Check his LinkedIn Profile or sent him an email if you have more questions.

ERC20 Wallet creation

One reminder: You must provide an ERC20-wallet adress to participate in our ICO and any airdrop. Read up on our article on Medium how to create one. After signup on our webpage you receive an email to confirm your provided email address. After successful verification of your email address you get a second email with a link to create a user profile. Here you can easily provide your wallet address.

Stay tuned for more and have a great week,

kind regards,

Dr. Jens Schmidt, Dennis Hillemann & the Coins4Favors Team