Focus areas for Coins4Favors till Pre-ICO

In the last few weeks, we have seen the number of supporters grow daily and we are delighted to welcome more people like yourself to our community every day. At the same time, the increasing number of people joining the community has also led to excellent feedback and better insights into the ICO market, marketing strategies, and critical success factors.

Our #1 goal is to make Coins4Favors a success for you — our supporters.

Therefore we have decided to implement a few major steps to ensure a very successful ICO:

1. Increase public visibility

We started the process a while ago and got listed on some sites already (such as ICOWatchlist and, etc.). Before the start of a Pre-Sale, we aim however at a listing on the major ICO webpages like coinschedule, ICOAlert or Icodrops, and at getting rated at some of the prominent rating pages (we applied with ICOBench several weeks ago already). We have pushed our listings since day one, but despite requesting listing several weeks ago it seems the high number of ICOs causes a significant delay in the listing process. We are actively working with the listing portals to resolve this and will shift to higher level premium listing services. In parallel to our successful Twitter community with over 2000 followers, you will see airdrop campaigns and other measures starting this week to increase public outreach. We also count on you as our early supporters to spread the word in forums and on social media using our bounty/referral program — let’s make this project a global success together!

2. Publish our Coins4Favors App

We have developed an alpha version to ensure the vision and concept works, but we realize that it will help boost trust in the project to publish it upfront of the ICO, so people can see, use and test it. Therefore our developers will turn the Alpha version into a usable, greatly designed Beta for public testing in the coming weeks. We will include you, our Coins4Favors community, in the design process, e.g., by letting you vote on screen designs.

3. Publish the C4F smart contract on GitHub and get it audited

A lot of comments and questions reach us about the smart contract, e.g., on how we implemented the escrow function or the long-term commission model for the platform. We will publish our Smart Contract on Github and get it audited to make sure it is bug-free and safe to invest.

We believe these measures are critical to make Coins4Favors a success and get you, our supporters, the success you want to see in developing this platform.

Based on the above measures which we firmly believe are in our all best interest, we have to adapted the schedule for our Pre-ICO and the ICO as follows:

Pre-ICO: 15.05. — 31.05.2018

ICO: 01.06. — 30.07.2018

We are lookig forward to continued feedback and support from you, our Coins4Favors community — tell us what you think in our telegram group :)

Your Coins4Favors Team