How to add C4F FavorCoins to your Wallet

On March 26th we have celebrated the upload of our Coins4Favors Token smart contract onto the ethereum blockchain.

The contract is life and you can add FavorCoins as a Token to your wallet now, for example to show the C4F tokens you earned during one of our current airdrops…

To add the C4F Tokens you need three pieces of information:

Contract address: 0xf947d41ea54953c212eccaa4df5c015821ba8731

Symbol: C4F

Decimals: 18

Tokens are distributed for Airdrops by us but are locked for transfer by other owners till after the ICO is concluded on July 30th 2018.

Adding C4F Tokens to MyEtherWallet

In order to add the C4F Tokens to your MyEtherWallet, please click on add Token in the right lower half of the “View Waller Info” view and enter the information above.

Adding C4F Tokens to MegaMask

In MegaMask you can klick on the Token tab and then click add token:

After this your Token Balance will be shown.

If you have any difficulty to add the tokens, please reach out to us at and provide your Wallet type (MyEtherWallet, Mist, etc.) for more details.

Happy Hunting for C4F Tokens
Your Coins4Favors Team