SNAPCITY ICO The Latest Geo-Location Adventure Game Built On The Blockchain And Coming To Android And iOS.

What do SnapTokens do?

SnapTokens allow users to create challenges on SnapCity. For general users it’s mainly for fun, you can challenge your friends to do something crazy. You can also create public challenges that are visible to everyone that is near you. The first person to complete the challenge gets the tokens as a reward and the creator of the challenge is rewarded depending on how popular the challenge was (how many entries there were). Users can also use the tokens as discounts at businesses, businesses can then use the tokens to create public challenges bringing more people to the business.

The difference in the tokens is to do with which locations they are valid for, Red tokens are valid in all locations, Orange tokens in most locations and Yellow are valiable in fewer locations.

Check the WHITEPAPER here start at roughly $0.06 and only a fraction of a token is necessary to create a challenge for a business, as such we think as the app becomes more popular and the number of users increases the value of the tokens will definitely go up!

Here Is The SnapCity Token Details Website

=====Token Name: Yellow SnapToken
=====Token Price: 25,000 SNPT = 1ETH
=====Token Amount: 50,000,000
=====Contract Address: 0x1B33c83F9032d30b24E92073A6Dd12457F7D98Aa
=====Decimals: Symbol: SNPT-Y
=====Platform: Ethereum
=====Purchase methods accepted: ETH
=====Ethereum ERC20 token

SnapCity Crowdsale Already Live Now.Dont miss the Opportunity!SnapTokens are an ERC20 token and deployed on the Main Ethereum Network


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