We are running a pre-sale starting from July 1st until August 15th, 2019.

Soft Cap

The soft cap is relatively low. We are confident that our product is a good one, we believe our idea is unique and we are sure that we will bring a real value to crypto-companies.

We think that we need to put more effort into communication and marketing. This is why we do not need a high soft cap.

The soft cap is 400 ETH.

Hard Cap

We want to be prepared for the ICO in October as much as possible. After allocating a high portion to marketing and communication, we want to evolve our MVP and make it more reliable and even more stable.

Our vision is to have a great, secure and user-friendly app.

For these two reasons, a great communication and a great MVP, we want to raise 4000 ETH.

How to invest?

There are two simple ways to participate to the pre-sale phase. Sending ETH to the crowd funding smart contract or use the app.

The crowd funding smart contract address is : 0x7988eb11741109e2508507fa4abd646046ccdbf7

You can use MetaMask or any other ETH wallet and send at least 0.1 ETH to the contract address

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Send 2 ETH to the smart contract

Then you will receive, on the wallet used to invest, temporary and not transferrable tokens called MOCoinstantine. They will be replaced by the actual Coinstantine token at the end of the ICO.

You can also use the Coinstantine App to invest.

First, you would need to send the ETH you want to invest to your Coinstantine Wallet. The address is visible on the home page and can be copied or sent by email using the share button on the right of the address.

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Coinstantine address wallet

Once the ETH sent and the transaction confirmed. You will see you ETH balance raising.

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ETH balance within the app

Now, you should be able to participate in the pre-sale. Use the “Buy Coinstantine” button and navigate to the buying view.

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Buying view

Here, you can enter the amount of Coinstantine you want to buy, or the amount of Ether you are willing to invest.

After hitting the “Buy CSN” button, the transaction will be sent to the Mainnet Ethereum Network and once confirmed you’ll see the “Presale” receipt in the main list in the home page.

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Pre-sale receipt

Both the Coinstantine and the Ethereum balances will be updated accordingly.

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Coinstantine and Ethereum balances

The tokens will be in the Coinstantine wallet. They won’t be transferrable until the end of the ICO. At the end of the ICO those tokens will be replaced by the actual Coinstantine token.


For both pre-sale and ICO, we will issue dummy tokens. As stated in the white paper, we are willing to sell 90% of our tokens during the crowd funding. This means that we won’t know the actual supply until the end of the ICO.

At the end of the ICO, we will know the exact amount of Coinstantine tokens to create. We will deploy our smart contract and distribute the tokens to all the participants.

According to our road map this should happen in December 2019.


We are aiming to raise 4000 ETH for the pre-sale. Different bonuses will be applied depending on the funds already raised.

30% — From 0 to 1000 ETH invested, a bonus of 30% will be applied.

15% — From 1000 to 3000 ETH invested, a bonus of 15% will be applied.

5% — From 3000 to 4000 ETH invested, a bonus of 5% will be applied.

For the ICO, no bonus will be available.

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