Lambocoin: Meme currency of the future

What has happened so far…

  1. The price of ethereum has rocketed upwards in the past few months, indicative of blockchain’s potential.
  2. Dumb money has now followed the smart money.
  3. Ether’s price may have leveled off due to ICOs now providing an outlet for capital outflow.

What will happen in the future…

  1. Many of these ICOs will fail, punishing the dumb money and inducing a correction.
  2. After the crash, speculators will migrate to meme based currency due to humor being the best medicine.
  3. Lambocoins price will sky rocket to $200,000 by 2018. 1 coin = 1 Lambo

Meme Currency

Since its inception, meme related content on the internet is up 8900.760% according to Chuck Norris Investment LTD PTY. A dedicated team of developers, cryptographers and investment bankers from Melbourne Australia have been following the current meme tread and have created a new cryptocurrency to help grow the community.

Lambocoin is a global, open source, decentralized, tradable digital token backed by a robust database of peer-to-peer networks which serves as an public ledger using blockchain-based distributed computing platforms with smart contract technology.

Lambocoin ICO prediction — Copyright 2017 Maddog Inc

The Lambocoin ICO is due to launch in late 2017 in an event that financial experts are calling “Hectic as”. Lambocoins CEO and lead developer know as ‘The Don’ said in a recent interview on HJGF, “Our ICO is going to be crazy man, like people love memes yeah? and people love money; Lambocoin offers you both! You would have to be a complete noob not to buy in at the ICO, like geez man, are you living in Noobville or what?”


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