Coinvest Q3–2018 Quarterly Update

A quarterly company update from the Coinvest executive team


  • Upgraded COIN protocol and smart contracts to V3. Announcement and details to be provided soon.
  • Coinvest and Coinvest Plus has reached public beta. Both products are on track for public release in Q4 of 2018.
  • Coinvest Vault engineering specs and security architecture have been locked. Device pre-orders will being in the upcoming holiday season and is on track for shipment in Q1 of 2019.
  • Upcoming announcement of partnerships with Dillon Gage, Quantstamp, AirSwap, and more
  • Continued execution of compliance activities including broker / dealer, ATS, money transmitter, and banking licenses
  • Continued collaboration and execution with the requirements and governments of Malta and Puerto Rico for relocation of International and US business interests
  • Continued recruiting for growth and scaling of the Coinvest team
  • Execution of marketing strategies and programs for upcoming product launches
  • For complete transparency, Coinvest will be releasing public financial forecasts, marketing collateral, fee schedules, refreshed website, and more

It’s been another busy, but productive quarter for our team at Coinvest. As an addendum and to our last update a month ago, A #BUIDL Update, our teams have been heads down and laser-focused on the development of the core products in the Coinvest company portfolio. This has also included multiple third-party security audits to ensure the safety of our users while trading assets on our platforms. As a result of this focus, we are extremely excited to announce the availability of the beta programs for both Coinvest and Coinvest Plus. The beta includes a trading competition for users to test their investment trading skills for prizes including COIN tokens, the Coinvest Vault, and company swag.

Coinvest Vault development remains on track with units expected to ship in Q1 of 2019. The Vault security architecture and hardware design are locked in while firmware development and webapp integration continue. Pre-orders for the Vault will include special promotions and open this holiday season.

In addition to development, recruiting and retention remains a priority for our team while we continue to execute our mission. At the end of Q2, our team had nineteen resources. Our team has now grown to a total of twenty-three team members with 82% of the team represented by engineering resources. This has included, but is not limited to new hires that have graduated from MIT, have worked at Microsoft, and more. We remain focused on attracting top talent in the industry and encourage everyone to review and apply to our current openings here.

Outside of engineering, our team has been hard at work in the areas of compliance and business development. We have been working with the appropriate governing bodies to create a clear path in obtaining our banking and broker / dealer license to support the next wave of financial services for the industry. We anticipate both to land in Q1 and the end of Q2, respectively. Additionally, our company has executed a number of partnerships (with leading names in the industry) to further extend features and functionality for our users. These partnerships will be announced publicly in November.

During this period, we did experience a number of press mentions that we encourage you to read:

While Coinvest has only been in existence for a year, Q4 represents a pivotal point in our company’s history. More specifically, the public launch of Coinvest, Coinvest Plus, and pre-orders for Coinvest Vault — three major revenue-generating products that will pave the way for our company’s future. To that end, we have been building launch and marketing strategies to generate excitement around each. In the spirit of openness and transparency, we will be releasing these our marketing plans and financial forecasts for 2019 in the near future.

For competitive reasons, we aren’t privy to release everything we have been working on. However, we at Coinvest, have never been more optimistic about our future. There are few things in life that are better than the feeling of progress. In an industry full of bad actors and scams, we are truly proud to be an exception. In less than one year’s time from our token sale and a budget two million dollars, Coinvest will have brought to market, three revenue generating products (including a hardware device). All while being compliant and having no negative press. We are damn proud of this progress and hope that each of you are as well.

We’ll be back in touch soon. Until then, back to #BUIDLing.

Much respect,

The Coinvest Team

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