Token Sale Offering Announcement with Republic Crypto

Republic and Coinvest join forces to provide access and bring power back to the people.

We started Coinvest with a goal of decentralization and to bring power back to the people. This premise is demonstrated in our decentralized investment trading platform and overall mission. Since the beginning of the year, we have conducted token sale offerings for consumers to purchase tokens for use on our future platforms. This included a private sale in January and a public token sale in March that was limited to US-accredited and all international investors. These offerings excluded US non-accredited investors due to the limitations of the filings and disclosures of the offering themselves.

To provide equal opportunity and distributed access, we are excited to announce a final public offering in partnership with Republic. This offering realizes our goal of enabling access to COIN across a full spectrum of audiences, geographies, currencies, and leaves no potential investors unaccounted for. The Republic and Coinvest partnership is a fully compliant CF offering that is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and includes all investors including US non-accredited.

A compliant CF offering does have its advantages and disadvantages. More specifically, legally provides access to any investor over the age of 18 regardless of geography, financial status, and more. Additionally, enables consumers the convenience of investing using fiat currency (using a credit card, ACH, bank wire, etc.) and invest with a minimum amount of only $100 USD. Alternatively, compliant CF offerings are limited to a max legal raise of only $1.07M. While this offering does enable an additional round of fundraising, we believe the partnership with Republic adds significantly more value than the amount of funds being raised. Particularly,

  • Access to investment for US non-accredited investors and any others that may have missed the opportunity to invest in previous offerings
  • Access to investment using fiat currencies
  • Additional marketing and exposure to the Coinvest brand and family of products
  • Provides access to the Republic network which includes notable leaders, and venture capital firms in the technology and blockchain industries

The token economics remain the same with a fixed token supply of ~107M. The price per token and bonus for the offering will be equivalent to the main token sale from March at $.64 USD (10% bonus included). A full raise of $1.07M through this offering with Republic will result in an estimated circulating token supply of ~11M.

The offering is currently open and available on the Republic Crypto website. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity before the offering is filled.

We are extremely excited to partner with the world-class team from Republic. The ability to offer access to US non-accredited investors, coupled with access to the network of tools and resources from Republic offers significant value to everyone in the Coinvest ecosystem. We look forward to a successful partnership together that extends beyond the offering itself.

For more information, please visit our website. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

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