How to participate in CoinxPad IDO

3 min readNov 22, 2021


The IDO Launchpad feature is the central point of CoinxPad ecosystem that grants the best projects and teams the opportunity to raise funds, thereby furthering the interest of its investors. Here, the users in the ecosystem can invest through affordable private sales.

Step 1: Purchase/Hold $CXPAD Tokens (refer to the previous article on how to purchase CXPAD). Whitelist yourself before the registration closes.

For a holder to be in the whitelist and have guaranteed allocation, one should hold the following number of Token:

A. Tier 1 (Diamond) CXPAD required: 250,000,000 (250 Million)

B. Tier 2 (Platinum) CXPAD required: 125,000,000 (125 Million)

C. Tier 3 (Gold) CXPAD required: 60,000,000 (60 Million)

D. Tier 4 (Silver) CXPAD required: 30,000,000 (30 Million)

Note: Bronze and Iron Tiers are Lottery tiers with NO guaranteed allocation.

E. Tier 5 (Bronze) CXPAD required: 15,000,000 (15 Million) — Lottery among whitelisted users with 30% chance of Silver allocation

F. Tier 6 (Iron) CXPAD required: 8,000,000 (8 Million) -Lottery among whitelisted users with 15% chance of Silver allocation

Note: Complete the whitelist registration before it closes if you’re eligible for Guaranteed and Lottery levels.

Step 2: Prepare your Metamask or Trustwallet or any preferred wallet with USDT BEP-20

Fund your wallet with $USDT BEP-20 to participate in the upcoming IDO. Make sure to connect the same wallet with the CoinxPad platform. Make sure as well to have extra BNBs to cover for transaction fees.

Step 3: Go to to see the current IDO projects

Check all the upcoming IDO’s on the website and complete the registration in time to get the guaranteed allocations. There will be projects which may or may not require KYC. Take note however that all projects launching in CoinxPad require whitelist registration.

When CoinxPad announces the opening of registration on its twitter page ( and telegram group (, fill up the form (jotform, google form) with your own wallet address for the system to record your registration.

Step 4: IDO Proper. Connect your wallet to CoinxPad IDO platform

When IDO opens, the First round (approximately 3 hours) will be reserved for guaranteed Levels/Tiers allocations. Visit the project page on the website ( then connect the wallet to the platform. This time, you will see your maximum contribution based on your applicable level.

Step 5: Purchase IDO Tokens

With the USDT BEP-20 holdings in your wallet, you can now purchase the IDO Token. Raise your purchase up to your available maximum contribution allowed. For the first 3 hours, your spot is guaranteed and no one can overtake your privilege.

Step 6: Approve and Confirm your transaction

Use your preferred wallet i.e. Metamask or Trustwallet, to complete the transaction. We have two transactions here. First, you must approve USDT to spend for contract. Second, after your wallet extension pops up on the upper right corner of the screen, click “Confirm”.

Reminder: Make sure to have BNBs in your wallet to cover transaction fees.

Your transaction has now been completed. Token distribution and vesting varies each time but will be highlighted in the IDO project details page. Usually, projects will list their token on a DEX such as Pancakeswap within a few hours to several days after IDO ends. Please follow our twitter and telegram groups for real-time updates

Step 7: “First Come First Served” (FCFS) Round

If 3 hours have elapsed and there are still remaining allocation, a “First Come First Served” round basis will be accommodated. If allocations are still available, guaranteed Tiers may buy again up to 1/2 of their max contribution of the first round. Note that FCFS amount will be different for different tiers — the higher the tier, the higher the amount. Other CXPAD holders with at least 200k tokens will be able to purchase a smaller amount predetermined by CoinxPad.

Follow and join telegram group for interactive announcements and updates.