2 min readNov 22, 2021


Here, we are going to explain and discuss how to purchase $CXPAD Tokens which is a native token of Coinxpad IDO launchpad. This process is just simple and straightforward so follow through!

Step 1: Download and Register on Trustwallet or Metamask App.

Download and register on Trustwallet or Metamask App. See tutorial here:


Step 2: Purchase BNB/USDT

After verifying your accounts, proceed to purchase BNB or USDT. This transaction can be a Fiat to Crypto Exchange or Crypto to Crypto Exchange. Meaning, you may use your own money to buy BNB or you may also swap your other currencies with BNB i.e. Bitcoin to BNB or USDT to BNB. Pancakeswap allows users to buy $CXPAD using multiple currencies.

Remember, the BNB that you are purchasing will be the same BNB that you are going to swap for $CXPAD tokens.

See how to buy crypto through credit or debit card here:

Step 3: Copy $CXPAD address from

Go to You may download the app in your Android or iPhone. In the search bar, you are going to search for “CoinxPad”. Here, you will find all available $CXPAD info. Scroll and navigate to find the “double square icon”. Click the icon to copy $CXPAD address. Now that you have copied the $CXPAD address, go back to your Metamask/Trustwallet apps and click “DApps”

Here is the address for reference: 0xe90d1567ecef9282cc1ab348d9e9e2ac95659b99

Warning: Never send money directly to contract address, otherwise, funds will be lost.

Step 4: Go to Pancakeswap, import $CXPAD tokens and set slippage 11–13%

In “DApps”, select PANCAKESWAP. Here, you can see your BNB/USDT that you purchased. This time, you will “select a currency” and in the search bar, you must paste the $CXPAD token address you copied earlier.Import $CXPAD Tokens, then tap “I understand”, then tap “import” once again. Make sure to add 11–13% slippage fees.

Step 5: Purchase $CXPAD

Now, you can encode the amount of BNB you plan to exchange with $CXPAD. Confirm your purchase.

If you have a browser ready to trade, you can navigate here right away:

Step 6: Add USDT BEP-20 address to your wallet for rewards

Add the USDT BEP-20 address to your wallet as well so you could see your USDT passive rewards from CoinxPad in real time. Double check to see $CXPAD in your wallets when you’re done!

USDT BEP-20 Address: (0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955)

See full tutorial here: