The farewell Cry

There always comes a time in an individuals life when he/she must bid farewell to their family, friends, and to the place they grew up in, the place that taught them to live, laugh, and breath.

Me? I just became a freshmen in a dream college, a place where opportunities are as easily available as a chinese takeout menu. 30 minutes before writing this blog I bid farewell to my parents, my mom shed the tears of pure pain (first time I saw her cry) and a sudden moment of truth hit me, our last hug felt like a slideshow of all the things she has ever done for me, things I never truly appreciated, things I never thanked her for. I felt completely numb inside. I have never been an emotional guy, it’s really hard for me to write a blog about this, let alone talk about it with someone. But at that moment no amount tears were enough for me, I felt like someone is thrusting a knife down my throat and stabbing my heart. I am not gonna bore you with details but just know that this is the lowest I have ever been, this is my bottom.

If by any chance any one of you is going to be/is in the same situation then just pin something in your puny little mind, it’s okay to cry. This a phase of life,like it or not, it will eventually happen to you. Pour your heart out, cry until your cheeks are burning and eyes are flooding.

Make something out of this sadness, this pain. Don’t be “ordinary” after sacrificing so much. Be an enigma to others. Be so big that one day when you look back, you giggle with nostalgia flooding your mind with pride and embarrassment at the same time. Trust me guys, dying while knowing that you gave your everything for your own life that includes sacrificing a hell lot is a lot better than dying with even a teensy bit of regret in your heart.

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