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You captured a lot of important elements impacting the indie film scene, but the newer indie distributors on the scene are not even mentioned here. Given the impact that A24 has had in the past couple of years (& oscars won — Best Pic this year, Best Doc last year) it’s a glaring miss to not mention that company and the way that it’s championing new independent voices outside of the streamers. A24 selects titles well and spend little on marketing and really use organic methods to drive their titles — which has made them success both critically and financially.

Also Tom Quinn and Tim League have just launched Neon — snapping up titles at Toronto last year and Sundance this year — and their first film Colossal is doing quite well at the box office this weekend. Neon and Tim League’s theater chain Alamo Drafthouse are big champions of theatrical — and making theaters a better experience.

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