I Want to Tell a Story

We all have a story to tell, what will yours be?

Humans are the storytelling animals of the world. We live in a world of stories; we communicate through stories, we dream stories, we make decisions because of stories. Yet, we continue to overlook the most important story of all: Our Story.

Each of us has our own personal story. Our story is our own way of communicating our dreams, our wishes and our actions to make change and to better the world for our children and for other. Every one of our stories are as unique and as important as we are. Yet, for some reason, we continue to tell a story we are unhappy with.

Here’s a recommendation: Go and spend some time with someone elderly and ask them to share their life story. Listen closely and you’ll hear most, if not all, start their story with “I wish”. They wish they would’ve worked harder. They wish they would have traveled more, or spent more time with their family. They wish they went out and did their own thing, rather than listen to their parents and went to college or got that job.

You see, too many of us are doing things to please others. We are going to college because our parents want us to, or we are working that job because we don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel of bills we have to pay.

Now, I’m not here to preach. For example, this article is a contradiction to my own life. I am going to college, not because I see it as necessary, but because of my mother’s and grandparent’s wishes. But I have changed my view college as an education source, and instead as an opportunity to leave home and meet new and influential people. But that isn’t the theme of this story, so let’s get back to it:

I don’t want my story to start with “I wish”. I don’t want to write my life story doing things I am unhappy with, or miss out on experiences I later regret. Instead, I want my story to be about pursuing my dreams, and taking advantage of every opportunity possible. To live life with a purpose and by doing things I enjoy.

Since I am a very business-minded individual, my dreams and my story is business related. But business doesn’t mean money and being rich. I don’t want my story to be focused on money, or how much I made, because that isn’t what success is to me. Rather, success should be focused more on how you make your money, than how much you make (thank you, Gary Vaynerchuk). So for those who think I am just out to get rich and to be famous, you’re wrong. Money means much less to me than it does to most, because I want my life story to be my legacy.

I want to be remembered as one of the greatest business-minded people ever. The best, period. But your story may be different. You may want to travel the world forever, living in every different country before you die. And if that is what you want your story to be, find a way and make it happen. I want everyone’s story to be full of life; filled with joy, happiness, love and experiences.

We only get one chance to write our own story, is yours the one you want to tell?

Thank you for reading!