I’m With Marco and This is Why

By. Cole Trickle, January 29, 2016

In the last year, I have had the great opportunity of meeting our next President on two occasions, first at a book signing last February and again in the summer at a house party at the home of our Lt. Governor.

The Marco Rubio that I and millions of Americans have come to know over the past several years is a man of great integrity and character; a fighter of the Constitution and for the human rights that it protects; and a leader with the judgement and strength to be an outstanding President and Commander in Chief.

In 2011 — Marco’s first year as a United States Senator — I remember watching him often on the news, and always being amazed and inspired by the positivity, optimism, and charisma with which he always spoke.

There is no one I have been more inspired by and moved deeply by in politics today than Senator Rubio. He has been a role model of mine since the day that I heard his name for the first time nearly 6 years ago.

In the United States Senate, Marco Rubio has been a consistent fighter for our values — he’s stood for life, took on the establishment politicians, fought for a stronger national defense, and defended, promoted, and voted for, common sense conservative reforms to our broken government.

He’s done what he said he would do.

Now more than ever, we need a President and a Commander in Chief who will inspire us again; who will stand up for what is right; who will make the hard decisions to get our country back on track.

On Monday, Iowans will cast the first votes in a process that has already been well-under way for over a year. And when those Iowans go into their caucuses and speak with their family, friends, and neighbors, I know that so many of them will make the right choice, and the momentum we’ve seen in Iowa and across the country is proof that Marco’s positive, conservative message is resonating with voters.

As a 14 year old Republican activist, I recognize that this election matters to the future of our country. The debt; national security; education reform; immigration reform; the tax code; etc. — all of these issues matter.

Sometimes, I look around the classroom at dozens of my fellow teens, and I wonder what the future looks like for us; if our generation will even get a chance to make the world better. Who will stand up and fight for us? What candidate understands what must be done to secure the future? Who is going to make it happen?

I am greatly honored and privileged to be able to support Marco Rubio for President. It’s not every day that a role model of yours runs for the White House, and when that does happen, you’ll do anything you can to help them get there.

Let’s do this, Iowa.

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