I am 15 but really 14 but I will be 15 in a month.
Smash Street

Alex, Alex: I will never tire of you guys. I believe with all my heart that you are the bravest boys, people, I “know” and I will read as long as you write and look as long as you take photos and publish VOOKS. I don’t even know what “VOOKS” mean but I read that’s what you call the videos you do. They challenge me. I like to be challenged and to learn.

I am so glad that you all have Tim and that he has all of you, too. It is so great to have someone we trust in our lives, who loves us. And someone as smart as Tim. Especially about your illness.

I have a chronic illness, too. It also affects my immune system but causes UT to attack my body and organs. The medications often cause me to get shingles, a type of herpes from chicken pox. And mouth sores. It is tough to live like we have to live. I had Lupus when I was your age but it didn’t get really bad until about 5 years ago. I am sorry you have to live such a hard life especially when you are so young. That’s why I know you are brave.

Lupus attacks my kidneys a lot. It hurts and they have to stick a catheter in my bladder and I hate it. I think that’s what they have done go Kirk. It us much harder for a bit to have a catheter than fir a girl like me to have one because it has further to go to get to a bladder infection a boy. I think I will send comforting thoughts to everyone after reading about that!

When I got my 1st computer I thought that I had crashed the entire internet one night. I was horrified. The guy who came to fix it laughed and said nobody could do that. I wasn’t so sure. I still cause stuff to crash. Tim is right. We all make mistakes. That’s how we learn. Everything will be OK, I bet. I am glad you apologized. Apologies show we respect ourselves and others and take responsibility and are ready to learn. I know way too many grown ups that won’t apologize even when they know that they did wrong. No one really likes them and they don’t seem to even like themselves. Actually, they piss me off. Grown ups mostly don’t know much for all our years on this earth. Why? They don’t listen or want to hear. Their hearts shrink. That’s too bad but their choice.

That stuff you had in your mouth and throat sounds like Thrush and I know that is painful and hard. I am sorry you had to go through that.

It is hard to be sick often and to fear that we might die. I worry, too, especially when I am really sick. I try to write about it or draw. It is still hard. I’m sorry you sorry. I’d worry if you didn’t worry. Got that?

I’m glad that Tim is home so you can sleep. I hope the boys are home soon from the hospital and I also hope that when things get back to normal someone will find on the computer what seems lost. You never know.

Thanks for writing me back, Alex and good luck with everything. Sometimes just getting back to normal, having everyone home where they belong helps most of all because you won’t need to worry, at least not about what’s happening to them. And because Tim is home.

My dogs are bumping my hand. They want me to stop typing and take them out. I will because they will never stop and soon they’ll bark and you know how that is because, like you, I have Jack Russell Terriers who make me laugh and sleep under the covers but are too loud!

Take care, Alex. Thanks for writing.


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