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Amen! And thanks for writing both pieces. This was clear in your 1st piece. Maybe people don’t want to comprehend what they do not want to hear. Defensiveness, ignorance, fear…nothing is more important than the lives and souls of human beings. Be adults. Do the harder thing.

As one who taught people who were to work with children how to identify child sexual abuse, to identify those who might be grooming and abusing children and, perhaps most importantly, taught people to speak to their own children about this painful but very real and daily occurrence in our children’s lives, I cannot thank you enough. Rape of women and men, girls and boys of any age is not about allure, clothing or even sex. It is about power.

It is past time for us to wake up. We must become informed and inform our children. Rape culture must change. Children must truly be valued and protected. If we don’t do this, we have only ourselves to blame.

90% of children are raped by someone they know, usually a family member. The youngest instance of a child rape of which I am personally aware is that of a 6 month old. MONTH, not year: a baby. He had an STD. In his anus and an ear. Women and male and female children are trafficked for sex daily in America, sold as slaves. Today. In the USA.

Anyone who thinks this has anything to do with how someone dresses is wilfully ignorant and therefore, in my opinion, complicit. I hope that anyone reading this has no problem comprehending that.

If someone’s feelings are hurt, rather than pounce, use it as a hint. Stop. Think. You want to be positive, to be smart. Learn. Become informed. Get training and volunteer. Empathize. Help. It is more helpful and soul enhancing than projecting. Feel best about yourself by doing something positive for society, for your family, for you.

Thank you, Dominique, again for both of these pieces. You cannot imagine the positive impact these may have. If even one child or adult is saved from being raped and all its consequent horrors, you have achieved something of which to be very proud. Information can start a revolution.